Borderlands 3 The Impending Storm Walkthrough – Travel To Athenas, Defeat Captain Traunt

Borderlands 3 The Impending Storm Walkthrough will take you step-by-step through the mission and will help you with defeating Captain Traunt.

Borderlands 3 The Impending Storm Walkthrough will take you step-by-step through the mission and will help you with defeating Captain Traunt.

Borderlands 3 The Impending Storm

This is Chapter 7 in BL3 that opens up after completing Hostile Take Over mission. This mission sees you going to planet Athenas and helping Maya and Ava and defeating the Captain Traunt to complete the mission.

The Impending Storm Walkthrough

Back on the ship, talk to Lilith who is at the bridge. You’ll learn that Athenas are under attack by Maliwan forces. Navigate the ship to Athenas using the control panel.

Once there, use the drop pod to get to the Athenas planet surface. As you land, make your way through the Market Quarter to meet with Maya. Along the way, Maliwan troops will offer some resistance. Kill all enemies and clear the Courtyard.

A bell will ring in the nearby room and Maya open the door to the next area. Follow Maya and soon you’ll face high-level Maliwan troops. Kill all of them and ring the bell to open the next door.

Keep following Maya and kill Maliwan troops along the way. Once the enemies are dead, ring the bell to open the door. Follow Maya and she will tell you to find Ava. She is by the graveyard, talk to her and then follow her to acquire the Eridium and along the way more Maliwan troops will spawn that you need to kill.

After killing all enemies, meet Ava at the crypt and enter the crypt. There are four pieces of Eridium to collect in the crypt. Follow Ava to the next area while killing enemies along the way. After clearing the area search the Mausoleum for Eridium.

Enter the Mausoleum for Eridium and two Ratch will spawn in the room. Defeat them and take the Eridium they drop. Now follow Ava to the final tomb.

Along the way, you’ll come across a big Ratch Nest. This is just outside the final tomb and you need to clear the area and after that pick up the Burial Eridium.

Follow Ava back to Maya and more Maliwan troops will bother you, so kill them. Ava tells you to meet Maya in the courtyard and a cutscene will play as you enter, introducing you to the boss “Captain Traunt”.

Defeat Captain Traunt
Captain Traunt inflicts Fire, Ice and Poison damage. This particular BL3 boss is a combination of all three Heavy Soldiers that you have encountered until now.

To defeat Captain Traunt, make use of the windows above as they provide cover from his attacks. Using these arches windows, make sure you don’t stand too close to the edge as Traunt can fire projectiles that explode on impact.

Aim for the Large sphere on his back to reveal weak spots to deal critical damage. Shoot enough bullets and he will get confused and might miss his next attack. Also, be careful of the large ball traveling around the area as it can be fatal if you are hit by it.

After defeating Captain Traunt, collect the Eridium and give it to Maya and she opens the vault. Follow Maya inside the vault and take the Vault Key Fragment from the chest.

Get back to the ship and hand over the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis. Now go the bridge and talk to Lilith to complete The Impending Storm mission in BL3.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 The Impending Storm Walkthrough with tips on how to defeat Captain Traunt boss.

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