Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Cheat Codes Guide

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Cheat Codes Guide to help you learn everything about all the different Cheat Codes.

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is a remastered version of the original game with the same strategic gameplay in a historical setting. This one has a new coat of paint and upgraded graphics. Whether this is your first experience with the game or if you’re an old player, you will need cheats to get ahead in the game. This Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Cheat Codes Guide will tell you all of the cheat codes in the game and how to use them.

Just like the previous game, load the game and press Enter to open the chat console, type the cheat code, and hit enter again to activate the cheat. On the XBox, you bring up the menu for the cheats by holding LT+View, and then press LT again to go to the cheats quick menu. Follow the prompts for the cheat you want and press the corresponding button. Additionally, you enable cheats from the Diplomacy menu by pressing LT+Menu buttons. Go to the cheats menu by pressing the RT button, scroll down to the cheats, and follow the button prompts on the screen.

Age of Empires Definitive Edition Cheat Codes List

Here is a complete list of all cheat codes in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, along with their brief descriptions.

BIG BERTHAConverts your Stone Throwers and Catapults to Big Bertha, which is much more deadly and efficient.
BIGDADDYWinsett’s Z car which is fast and has a great attack. You need to a town centre for this cheat to work.
BIG MOMMAWorks like BIGDADDY but the car you get is in black color
BLACK RIDERTurns every cavalry archer into Black Rider. Only the name is changed and there is no impact on the stats.
COINAGEGrants you with 1,000 gold.
DARK RAINIdeal for stealth attack as it converts your bowmen into composite bowmen.
DIE DIE DIEDestroys the enemy
E=MC2 TROOPERYou get a nuke trooper. It is very deadly but has a slow fire rate. Once again, you need a town centre for this cheat to work.
FLYING DUTCHMANYou can move your Catapult Trireme and Juggernaut ships on land.
GAIAYou can control animals rather than your own units. Beware though, as you cannot take back control of your own units once it is done.
GRANTLINKSPENCEUpgrade your animals into alpha versions.
HARI KARINot only do you lose the game but also destroy your entire base
HOME RUNYou win the game.
HOYOHOYOYou get a priest who has exceptional speed and 600 hit points of health.
ICBMThe range of Ballista and Helepolis is increased to 100.
JACK BE NIMBLECatapults will throw villagers away rather than bones.
KING ARTHURAll birds will become flying dinosaurs.
KILL1Kills one player. You can use KILL2, KILL3, etc (up to KILL8) to choose which players you want to kill.
MEDUSAAll units are Medusa and one can survive death twice, and die for good the third time.
NO FOGNo fog of war is left, and you can see all enemy units.
PHOTON MANYou get a laser trooper who is deadly. You need a town centre for this to work.
PEPPERONI PIZZAYou get 1000 food.
POWThis spawns a unit called BabyPrez, a baby riding a fast tricycle with a long range shotgun.
QUARRYYou get 1000 stones.
RESIGNYou will lose the game.
REVEAL MAPYou can see the entire map (no enemy units).
STEROIDSEverything within your base makes unit, buildings, gather resources, and add upgrades.
STORMBILLYYou get a robot which shoots lasers and does a ton of damage. Make sure you have a town centre if you want this cheat to work.
UPSIDFLINTMOBILEChariot archers have much better speed and rate of fire.
WOODSTOCKYou get 1000 wood.
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