Borderlands 3 Divine Retribution Walkthrough Guide – Defeat Tyreen the Destroyer

Borderlands 3 Divine Retribution Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to defeat Tyreen the Destroyer to enter the vault.

Borderlands 3 Divine Retribution

Divine Retribution is the last mission in BL3 which opens up after completing the In the Shadow of Starlight mission. In this mission, you’ll finally face the Tyreen the Destroyer and defeat her to enter the vault.

Tannis opens up a portal, jump into it to get to Pandora. Head to the objective marker and as you get to the door. Make sure you are stocked up on ammo as you are about to face Tyreen the Destroyer.

Defeat Tyreen the Destroyer

Tyreen is now a big monster and wanders around the arena and attacks you. Initially, her attacks are easily avoidable. She can punch the ground and row of crystals will travel along the ground.

You just have to shoot her and avoid taking damage. Do enough damage and she’ll go immune and will drop on the ground. You need to climb the on her back and shoot the glowy thing to stun her.

After that, jump down and shoot her face to deal a high amount of damage. After this, she’ll just fly to the front of the arena will shoot balls that travel towards you and shoot lasers. You just need to avoid them and shoot her.

After this, she comes back down and continues to stomp the ground. Occasionally, she’ll throw a large crystal at you which you can shoot before it gets you.

After that, you’ll get to stun her a few more times before she again flies to the front and throws two large balls shooting lasers. Jump over the lasers to avoid damage and keep shooting Tyreen the Destroyer.

After that, she’ll start flying across the arena while shooting lasers. Avoid taking damage as she’ll repeat these attack patterns and keep shooting her. Eventually Tyreen the Destroyer will do down.

After she is down, collect the Vault Key and a Vault door opens. Loot the vault and grab the Eridian Ascensionator. Now leave the vault and then travel to Sanctuary.

Meet Ava and Tannis in Lilith’s room and give the Vault Key to Tannis. Take a look at the chest at Tannis opens and then talk to her.

Go to the objective marker in the ship and place the artifact that you brought back from the Vault. This concludes the mission and the entire campaign of Borderlands 3.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Divine Retribution Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat Tyreen the Destroyer.

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