Borderlands 3 The Family Jewel Walkthrough Guide – Defeat GenIVIV

Borderlands 3 The Family Jewel Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to complete the mission and defeat GenIVIV.

Borderlands 3 The Family Jewel Walkthrough will help you step-by-step on how to complete the mission and defeat GenIVIV.

Borderlands 3 The Family Jewel

The Family Jewel mission in BL3 opens up after completing The Guns of Reliance mission. This mission will see you facing off against the GenIVIV boss to complete the mission.

The Family Jewel

Get to Knotty Peak and talk to Hammerlock. Wainwright wants you to insert the record in his record player. Take the record from him and then put it in the record player.

Wainwright will tell you to check the Family Jewel, which is a ship, while they check other locations. Go to Voracious Canopy and move towards the objective marker and you’ll hear someone calling for help.

Go and help that someone and you get there, a Tyrant will attack you. Kill the Tyrant and pick the stuffed bear and BALEX will offer to help to find the Family Jewel if he gets to come along.

Follow the objective marker and eventually, you’ll come to a door with a panel on the side. Melee the panel to knock its cover off. A Ratch swarm will attack you. Take care of them and then melee the hydraulics line and the door will open.

Go inside the ship and open the door ahead bu hitting the button on the marked panel. Balex will tell you to go get to the medical bay only a few Ratch along the way and nothing else.

GenIVIV will lock the door and Balex needs wires from a nearby console to hotwire the door open. The door open and now, you can continue your journey ahead.

You’ll come across another locked and door and this time, Balex wants the player to knock the head off of the nearby EMS bot. Install Bales on where the bot head used to be.

Blex opens the door to the security bay. As he opens the next door, you’ll be in a large area with a lot of Ravagers. Kill them all and proceed. As you get to the Security Bay, GenIVIV blocks the door and guess what, you need to defend Balex while he tries to open the door.

After that, Blaex will tell that he can’t open the door but has another way to get in. Go to the marked location and you’ll come to a door that Balex can open.

Watch out for the turrets in the first room and the bots in the second one. Once the room is cleared, Balex will start working on the console while you, the player, defends him. Once the area is cleared of the bots, head to the door that Balex went to.

Badass Jabber knocks Balex from his bot and you are going to fight him. Once defeated, pick up BALEX and GenIVIV has moved the Vault key Fragment to the bridge.

Balex wants to be in a mech to even the odds and for that, follow the objective marker. Get to the engineering and you’ll face more bots. Clear the area and head up to the walkway on the opposite side of the room.

Jump across using the yellow marked crates and then, you’ll reach the bot container. Hit the switch on top of the container and insert BALEX into the mech.

More Ratch will spawn and you need to take them out. In the end, you will be going to the bridge alone so, go there. Jump down the hole when you are ready for the boss fight.

Defeat GenIVIV
GenIVIV is the boss that you need to defeat in this BL3 mission. However, Balex drops in and destroyers the shield around GenIVIV. She’ll move around the move and dropping mines in your path.

Sometimes, she’ll leave trails that you don’t need to touch. She also summons seeker drones that you need to keep an eye one and shoot them. Like all the boss fights in BL3, this one also requires patience. Just avoid damage and smaller enemies in the area and deal damage when the opportunity presents itself.

Defeat her and pick up the Vault Key Fragment and then Balex. ravel back to Sanctuary but, GenIVIV has managed to take control of the bridge. Get to the bridge and install Balex into the computer. Balex will capture GenIVIV into an HDD that you need to pick up.

Now take the HDD to Marcus and give him the HDD. Then go to Tannis and give her the Vault Key Fragment and this concludes the mission.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 The Family Jewel Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat GenIVIV.

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