Borderlands 3 Beneath The Meridian Walkthrough – Defeat The Rampager

Borderlands 3 Beneath The Meridian Walkthrough will take you through the entire mission step-by-step and will help you defeat The Rampager.

Borderlands 3 Beneath The Meridian

Beneath The Meridian unlocks after completing the Atlas, At Last mission in BL3. This mission will take you to the Vault along with Maya. Not only that, you’ll also face The Rampager boss.

Beneath The Meridian Walkthrough

Head to the Sanctuary bridge and talk to Rhys. After that, travel to Meridian Metroplex and make your way to Neon Arterial. Before you enter Neon Arterial, you need to clear the area.

After defeating the enemies, talk to Zer0 to break the force field. Enter the Neon Arterial and talk to Maya who is near the fast travel station. Use the Catch-a-Ride terminal to spawn the Project DD and drive to Apollyon Station.

Along the way, there will be several roadblocks. For each roadblock you need to destroy all enemy vehicles. Get to the blast door and Maya will blow the door open. After destroying two blast door, you’ll come to a point where you have to go on foot.

Make your way through the tunnel to get to the station while killing enemies along the way. Eventually, you’ll find the Apollyon Station and wait for Maya to clear a path for you.

Enter the Apollyon Station and fight your way towards the Vault through the tunnel. You’ll reach The Forgotten Basilica and make sure you are stocked as a boss fight is about to begin.

Place the key in the stand and a cutscene will play. The Vault will open and you are introduced to The Rampager

Defeat The Rampager
Like all the boss fights in BL3, keep moving around the area and take advantage of your surroundings. Keep an eye on the Rampager when it climbs to platforms above the room.

This is when you need to shoot at it with everything you have as The Rampager deals little to no damage during this move. As for the weapons, try to use the ones that have high incendiary damage. Follow these tips and eventually, The Rampager will be defeated.

Once the Rampager is defeated, take the Eridian Resonator and melee the Eridium Deposit to break it open. Use the Access Lodestar and return to Maya.

As you reach Maya, a cutscene will play and Maya will be attacked by Troy and Tyreen. Maya will be killed and you need to talk to Ava and after that, return to Sanctuary.

Talk to Lilith on the bridge and you can also talk to Ava in her room but that’s optional. Talk to Ava and return to Lilith and a cutscene will play where Troy and Tyreen appear again and this concludes the mission.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Beneath The Meridian Walkthrough guide with tips on how to defeat The Rampager.

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