Borderlands 3 The Great Vault Walkthrough Guide – Defeat Troy

Borderlands 3 The Great Vault Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step with completing the mission and defeating Troy.

Borderlands 3 The Great Vault Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step with completing the mission and defeating Troy.

Borderlands 3 The Great Vault

The Great Vault mission in BL3 opens up after you have completed the Angels and Speed Demons mission. This mission will see you facing off against Troy in a boss battle.

The Great Vault

Travel to Sanctuary and talk to Lilith on the bridge. You can talk to the rest of the crew before talking to Lilith but it’s optional. However, if you do you’ll receive rewards.

Speak with Lilith and then go to the front and look out the window. Fast Travel to Roland’s Rest, talk to Vaughn and then head over to meet with Tannis.

Spawn a vehicle using the Catch-A-Ride and head over to the objective marker. Tannis requires you to clear the area from Children of the Vault. After clearing the area, speak with Tannis.

Now that the turrets are down, it’s time to go inside the Cathedral. As you reach the gate, follow Ava and then shoot the explosive she has placed.

Go inside and kill all the enemies and then move ahead out of the tunnel. More Children of the Vault will spawn, kill them all. Eventually, you’ll come to a Courtyard with a large face with flames.

Clear the area and head up to the marked location to use the switch. Enter the Inner Sanctum and more enemies come your way. Kill them and go through the door. Stop by the vending machine if you need to stock up on ammo.

An anointed enemy will spawn along with regular ones. Kill them all and then interact with four valves inside the room. Interact with the first two and an anointed spawn from the pool.

Kill the anointed enemy then after shutting all four vales destroy the tank behind the stream of Eridium. Jump down the pipe and it’s time to face Troy.

Defeat Troy
During most of the boss fight with Troy in BL3 youll be dodging his projectile attacks. These projectiles come in waves horizontally and vertically. Just avoid the projectiles and keep shooting

When he becomes immune a giant orb will spawn in the center. There will be laser coming out of it that will lit up four boxes. Shoot these boxes.

Keep shooting and Troy will enter its second phase. In this phase, Troy uses the same combo over and over again. He’ll swing towards and will spawn a pillar of fire where he lands and then he’ll jump back will shoot waves of orbs at you.

When of his health drop to 1/3rd, he’ll go immune and will summon a giant sword and will swing vertically at you. Then he jumps above Tyreen and summons a wave of rocks. Stand behind the Vault arch to avoid the stones. After that, he repeats the combo. Just keep shooting at hi and vpid damage and eventually, he’ll die.

Once he’s dead, pick up the Echo device and speak with Lilith. Also, now that the Vault is open might as well loot it too. Speak with Tannis to complete the mission.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 The Great Vault Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat Troy in BL3.

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