Borderlands 3 From the Ground Up Walkthrough – Find Sun Smasher Chief

Borderlands 3 From the Ground Up Walkthrough will help you step-by-step with the mission and how to rescue Vaughn and get him back to Lilith.

Borderlands 3 Chapter 2

From the Ground Up is the second chapter of Borderlands 3. This is also a small mission in which Lilith asks the player to find the Sun Smasher Chief.

From the Ground Up

Equip your grenade mod and talk to Lilith. After that secure the area by killing enemies. Once the area is cleared, talk to Lilith and follow her to the propaganda center.

As you enter the room a cutscene will play and after that Lilith asks you to find the Sun Smasher Chief. Go through the opened door and travel to The Droughts.

As you reach The Droughts, continue to the north as you enter the gates and follow the objective marker. Along the way, you’ll face a bit of resistance in the form of Children of the Vault members.

Clear the area and go through the Children of the Vault camp. Eventually, you’ll reach a door with a flame shooting start on top and a voice will be calling for help.

Head inside and you’ll be introduced to Vaughn, who is hanging upside down. Shoot the chain to get Vaughn down and speak with him.

Follow Vaughn to a cave and kill enemies along the way if you feel like it. Otherwise, you can just run past all of them. Inside the cave, Vaughn will tell you about the Skags. Kill all of the Skags and take Vaughn to Lilith in the Crimson Command room. Here the mission is complete and you get a Rare Skin and 220 XP.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 From the Ground Up Walkthrough guide with tips on how to rescue Vaughn.

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