Borderlands 3 Blood Drive Walkthrough Guide – Rescue Tannis, Defeat Agonizer 9000

Borderlands 3 Blood Drive Walkthrough Guide will help you ste-by-step with how to rescue Tannis and defeating Agonizer 9000 to complete the mission.

Borderlands 3 Blood Drive Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step with how to rescue Tannis and defeating Agonizer 9000 to complete the mission.

Borderlands 3 Blood Drive

Blood Drive mission opens up after completing the Cold As Grave mission in BL3. This mission will see you rescuing Tannis and defeating the Agonizer 9000 boss.

Blood Drive

Go to The Droughts and you get a re-intro of Pandora. After that, travel to the objective marker. Children of the Vault have blocked the way with a large gate, just ram through it using a vehicle or just shoot it.

Keep going to the West of the map and you’ll come up to Roland’s Rest. As you reach the town, meet Vaughn and he gives you information about Tannis’ whereabouts.

Get to the Splinterlands and find Carnivora Festival. Drive to the marked location and then, press the button to give your vehicle as an offering and it won’t be accepted.

Vaughn suggests that you steal someone else’s Gold car. Get another vehicle and head to the South of the map. Go inside while killing enemies along the way and head towards the back of the area.

Once you reach the back, kill all the enemies and Big Donny will spawn a turret and will come out himself to face you. Destroy both of them and take the car keys.

Go to the objective marker and use the control to get the car down. Take the car back to the festival entrance and offer it. Head inside and you have reached Carnivora.

Continue to the objective marker while killing enemies along the way. Eventually, you hit a dead end so take the elevator down. Kill your way through the next area and enter the gates.

Turns out Carnivora is a huge vehicle. Get inside the car that you offered or any other car from Catch-A-Ride station and start chasing Carnivora.

You need to slow down Carnivora. The first step to do that is to shoot three fuel lines outside the Carnivora. After that, Children of the Vault cars will come after chasing you. Destroy the vehicles and then shift your focus back to the Carnivora. Shoot the highlighted area until it’s destroyed and more vehicles will come attacking you, take them out.

Now the gas tank will be highlighted on the Carnivora, destroy that and a path inside the Carnivora opens. Head in there to rescue Tannis.

Fight your way through and make sure you are stocked up on ammo as there are going to be a lot of enemies along the way. Interact with the marked valve and jump into the air stream.

In the next room, you’ll face more enemies. Kill them and then make your way all the way to the top by using the ladder or air vents then, use the catwalk to progress ahead.

You’ll face The Tink Train, defeat this enemy, loot the area. Get to the top and choose your entrance music, the elevator goes up then head down the hallway and drop down to the arena to face Agonizer 9000.

Defeat Agonizer 9000
As you drop into the arena, Pain and Terror will jump into a mech and you’ll have your Agonizer 9000 boss fight. Most of the attacks of this boss can be avoided and this boss fight mostly requires you to do things like making the machine to spit fire or spin a saw blade to deal damage to Agonizer 9000.

You can shoot its eyes or the fuel tank on the back. The floor gets red, get away from that area and when it spins, either crouch or run and slide under it.

Once the armor is gone, a purple weak spot will be revealed. Just keep shooting it and the Agonizer 9000 will go down. Now, kill both Pain and Terror then take the loot. Speak with Tannis and the mission is now complete.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Blood Drive Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to rescue Tannis and defeating the Agonizer 9000.

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