Borderlands 3 Space-Laser Tag Walkthrough – Defeat Katagawa Ball

Borderlands 3 Space-Laser Tag Walkthrough will take you step-by-step through the mission and will help you defeat the Katagawa Ball boss.

Borderlands 3 Space-Laser Tag Walkthrough will take you step-by-step through the mission and will help you defeat the Katagawa Ball boss.

Borderlands 3 Space-Laser Tag

Space-Laser Tag opens up after completing The Impending Storm mission. This BL3 mission will see you traveling to Meridian Metroplex and helping Rhys. Also, you’ll face Katagawa Ball boss, and defeating it is essential to complete the mission.

Space-Laser Tag Walkthrough

Get to the Meridian Metroplex and meet Rhys at Launchpad 7. As you get there is cutscene will play and Rhys’ ship is destroyed by Katagawa Jr. Acquire the Viper Drive from Rhys and insert it in the nearby console.

A door will open and you’ll kill Maliwan soldiers and get to Skywell-27. Now go to the main gate and make sure you are resupplied. As you reach the Maliwan Modulars area, more Maliwan soldiers attack you and you have to defend the area.

Go to the second floor and look for a Terminal console to use the Viper Drive. Another large door opens and you kill more several Maliwan soldiers inside. There will be a large service elevator inside and use the Viper Drive on the console inside the elevator but it won’t work.

More enemies will come your way, kill them all. Survive two waves of enemies and Rhys will hack the door to open it. Make your way through the Ventilation Ducts behind the elevator.

After that, jump across the platform to a broken staircase. Keep moving ahead and another you’ll come across another Ventilation Duct. Go through it until you come across a ladder.

Climb the ladder and follow the objective marker and killing enemies along the way. You’ll come across a larger thruster which you have to disable by turning the valve on top of a nearby platform.

Follow the objective marker to the chute. Pull the lever to open the chute. The lever is located on a large platform directly above the doorway. Open the chute and jump into it.

Follow the objective marker and use the Viper Drive on the console and again it won’t work. Rhys will tell you to inspect three spheres in the room. Use the objective marker to get to them.

After inspecting the spheres, use the Viper drive on the final sphere and follow the Rhys-Ball to a console to use the Viper Drive. The door open and again you follow the Rhys-Ball to the control panel.

Along the way, you’ll face resistance in form of waves of Contamination HeaviesHeavy Gunners, and Stingers. Defeat them and again follow Rhys-Ball but the Control Room will be blocked by a force field.

Get to the server room while killing Maliwan enemies along the way. Once you reach the server room, shoot the barrels to blow up the servers and then tun off the firewall from the console nearby.

Now go back to Rhys-Ball and once the force field is down, take the elevator to the Control Room and prepare for battle. Clear the Control Room then defend the Rhys-Ball while it hacks.

You have to defeat three waves of enemies before Rhys-Ball completely hacks the Control Panel. After that, use the Control Panel to fire the laser and you’ll be introduced to Katagawa Ball boss.

Defeat Katagawa Ball
Katagawa Ball boss has three phases and defeating it is the only way to progress. This boss fight in Borderlands 3 is one of the longest ones, you need to be patient and at least level 15 is recommended.

You need a weapon with high armor damage, aim for the eye if the Katagawa Ball to deal critical damage, and obviously, keep moving around and use the area ot your advantage.

There is one particular spot in the area, where you can avoid a lot of damage. Jump over the supply crates and stand behind the large metal pole. From this spot, you have the clear sight of the Katagawa Ball.

However, this sport won’t protect you from every attack but will provide enough of a shelter that you can finish off the enemies.

Once the Katagawa Ball boss is defeated, pick up the Vault Key Fragment. Return to Sanctuary and had over the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis in the Infirmary. Go to the bridge, talk to Lilith and the mission is complete.

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