Borderlands 3 The First Vault Hunter Walkthrough

This Borderlands 3 The First Vault Hunter guide will help you step-by-step to find your way to Typhon DeLeon and completing this main mission for Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 The First Vault Hunter

The First Vault Hunter mission in BL3 opens up after completing The Great Vault mission. It is a one of the Borderlands 3 main missions. In this mission you will just have to go to Nekrotafeyo, kill some enemies, and meet up with Typhon DeLeon.

Head back to Sanctuary and go to Tannis’ and interact with the large Eridian Slab. Now you can use the analyzer to get into the Eridian Proving Grounds.

Now, go to the bridge and set your destination to Nekrotafeyo. Use the drop pod to get to the planet’s surface and then head towards the objective marker to meet Typhon DeLeon.

You’ll come to the vine wall, climb it and then melee to progress. As you get to the large door near the camp, clear the area of the animals there. Now go to the marked spot and melee the vines and then press the button to reroute power.

Spawn a vehicle using the Catch-A-Ride terminal and move towards the objective marker and enter the cave. After Grouse Greets, you should follow him deeper into the cave. Go past the robots and meet up with Typhon. Place all three Vault Keys into their respective slots and then Typhon will talk a bit and the mission is complete.

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