Borderlands 3 Taking Flight Walkthrough – Repair The Map, Defend Tannis

Borderlands 3 Taking Flight Walkthrough will help you step-by-step on how to complete the mission, how to get the Astronav chip and fill the rig.

Borderlands 3 Chapter 4

Taking Flight is the third chapter in Borderlands 3. As the name of the mission suggests, you’ll be prepping the ship to get to the planet Promethea.

Taking Flight Walkthrough

Charge the map by giving it to Lilith. When she fails to charge it, take it from her and you are to visit Tannis at the Eridian Dig Site. Once you get there, exit the vehicle as it’s time to go on foot.

Get to the building and Tannis will appear and give the map to Tannis. While Tannis fixes the map you can loot the area for ammo, money and other stuff.

You will need the ammo as you will have to defend Tannis from Children of the Vault. Once the enemies are taken care of, Tannis will examine the map and she will tell you that the map is damaged.

All of the events point to Promethea planet and Lilith will tell you that Ellie is working on a ship. Head to Raiders’ Drydock for the ship. Ellie will have you drive the Biofuel Rig to prep the ship.

The rig can be filled by running over 10 Skags or Bandits and you’ll have the objective markers to help you find Skags and Bandits to run over. Once the rig is full get the Astronav chip from the Pit of Fools area.

There will be a lot of Children Of the Vault along the way for you to kill. The chip will be on the table right next to a shipping container. Drive back to Ellie and then go to Raiders’ Drydock.

As you get close to the door, Tyreen and Troy will appear and a cutscene will play. After that, take the Elevator to the catwalks and fight your way through to the Raiders’ Drydock.

As you get to the ground, kill the Children of the Vault who will be attacking Lilith. Once the area is cleared, go to Lilith and revive her. Talk to Ellie and the mission will be complete. As a reward, you get $530, a new weapon slot, an Epic Pistol, and 2,370 XP.

That is all for Borderlands 3 Taking Flight Walkthrough with tips on how to complete the mission.

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