How To Do Fantasy Drafts In NBA 2K23

It goes without saying that there is nothing better in NBA 2K23 than creating and managing your own fantasy teams.

There is no other way to have all of your legends and favorite professional players in a single team, dominating every opponent who dares to step on the court.

In Custom League, you can add best players for each position such as Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small Forward, Power Forward, and Center. Your choices of players can make or break the team.

The following guide will help you set up your fantasy drafts to relive some childhood dreams in NBA 2K23.

How to create a custom league for fantasy drafts

You can start doing your fantasy drafts by first creating a new MyLeague from the main menu. Head into Custom League and then select Start in Regular Season.

Your next step will be selecting all of the professional teams you want to have in your custom MyLeague.


How to set up your fantasy draft

Enable fantasy draft from the Setup Options to get access to a bunch of new, exclusive features. These mostly help you turn the drafting odds in your favor.

  • Draft Order allows you to ensure that your team gets the first and early picks.
  • Draft Type allows you to ensure that only you get an opportunity to pick good players by fixing every team in the same spot in every round.
  • Player Pool allows you to adjust the players for drafting rounds.
  • Allow Duplicates allows you to have duplicates of players in multiple teams.

Once done, confirm a name for your MyLeague. Congratulations! You can now select a player to start the first drafting round.

Some fantasy drafting tips to keep in mind

Trying to get the best will bankrupt you
Building a fantasy team can be tough because of the number of high-quality players. You really want all of them on your team, which is obviously not possible.

Since you will have a limited budget to spend on your team, make sure to not spend it all on the best players because they are expensive to draft. Instead, go for a balanced fantasy team.

Expensive is not always better
If you draft players based on their salaries/prices, you are doing it wrong. When drafting an expensive player, search for alternatives. There are always players out there who are nearly as good as the one you initially chose but at half the price.

Go big in the first three rounds
Your first three picks should always be the best possible players around. Spend as much as you can in these rounds to draft them and not risk another team picking them up.

Save your money in the last rounds
Remember that the 10-14 drafting rounds are for players who are mostly going to be warming the bench. There is no need to draft expensive players in these rounds. Considering saving your money by drafting a player you can train to become better.

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