Borderlands 3 Atlas at Last Walkthrough Guide – How to Complete, Defeat Katagawa Jr

Borderlands 3 Atlas, At Last Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step through the mission and how to defeat the Katagawa Jr. boss.

Borderlands 3 Atlas, At Last Walkthrough

Atlas, At Last mission opens up after completing the Space-Laser Tag mission in BL3. Atlas, At Last mission is a relatively short one and at the end, you have to face the Katagawa Jr. to acquire the Vault Key Fragment.

Atlas, At Last

Listen to Rhys while he talks to Claptrap over the call. Make your way to Meridian Metroplex and head to the Secret Atlas HQ entrance. Loot the chests and kill enemies in this area.

Acquire the Vault key from Rhys and reboot the defense cannons. Now you need to kill two waves of Maliwan soldiers and after that, go through the corridor and defeat the Ratch you find and kill the Nullhound near the turrets.

Reboot the defense canons and survive while waves of enemies come to kill you. Once the area is cleared, take the Elevator to Rhys’ office and meet with Rhys.

Interact with the lamp on the desk to open the hidden path, follow Rhys and you’ll be introduced to Katagawa Jr.

Defeat Katagawa Jr.
Like the Katagawa Ball boss fight, bring weapons that have high shield damage. Keep moving around and take advantage of your surroundings.

Takedown the shield as quickly as possible as this will allow you to deal quite some damage as the Katagawa Jr. charges at you.

His melee attacks deal a lot of damage and in some cases will one-shot you. So avoid melee damage at all costs. Just keep moving around and spray him with bullets and eventually, Katagawa Jr. will be defeated.

Defeat Katagawa Jr. and talk to Rhys. Now you have to make a choice here. Either keep the stache loose the stache. After that, acquire the Vault Key Fragment from Rhys and get back to Sanctuary.

Give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis in the Infirmary.

That is all for Borderlands 3 Atlas, At Last Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat Katagawa Jr. boss.

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