Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Guide – All Levels, NPCs, Vendors

In our Borderlands 3 Sanctuary Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about all the things you will find in Sanctuary 3.

In Borderlands 3, Sanctuary 3 is a spaceship now instead of a city or floating palace. This is generally the main area of the game where you talk with your favorite characters, purchase loot and items, explore, and even just relax.

It’s also the hub from which you travel to other worlds so we’ve prepared this nice little overview of the place.

Borderlands 3 Sanctuary 3

Deck A (Upper Level)

Dr. Zed’s Meds can be found in the room but not the doctor himself. Interact with Tannis and get some healing.

This area allows you to travel to any destination across the galaxy. You can also interact with Lilith here.

Hammerlock’s Trophy Room
Every time you do Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt missions, you can fill up this empty room with the trophies you collect as rewards.

Deck B

Player Quarters
This is the place where you sit and take a load off. The room has a place for you to place any items you’ve collected as decor, a Lost Loot Machine and a bank vault to keep items in storage.

All players can share the bank vault so sometimes you can place items that other characters might need later. The room’s default design is based on your current class.

Quick Change Station
This is inside your player quarters. It’s a place for you to change into your preferred skin.

Golden Chest
This can be opened with gold keys that you get when you’ve got some SHIFT Codes. Once you open it, you’ll find some serious loot. You can obtain gold keys from Borderlands social media accounts as well.

Marcus Munitions
You can increase the amount of ammo and inventory you can carry by getting Storage Deck Upgrades (SDUs) from Marcus Munitions in exchange for Eridium.

They have upgrades for ammo and even your backpacks. You can also get mods for weapons, shields, armor, etc.

Moxxi’s Bar
Are you ready to gamble away the few earnings you have to get some new skins, heads and more earnings? Then head on down to Moxxi’s bar if you’ve got the money.

There are a ton of slot machines for you to try your luck with and each one contains different prizes. Be wary of getting live grenade though.

Deck C (Lower Levels)

Crazy Earl
You can visit this Black Market to purchase Echo themes, skins and heads in exchange for Eridium. You can’t spend money here.

Veteran Vending Machine
This machine is adjacent to the black market and carries more items for you to get in exchange for Eridium.

Clap Trap’s Room
Be sure to visit Clap Trap in his comfy little pad. He may have some missions for you to do and of course, he’s the most delightful fellow to hang out with… yeah!