Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons Walkthrough Guide – Drive The Reactor To Safety

Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to complete the mission and drive the reactor to safety.

Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons

Angels and Speed Demons mission in BL3 open up after completing Blod Drive mission. This mission will see you going to new areas and driving the reactor to safety.

Angels and Speed Demons

Go to Sanctuary and talk to Lilith at the bridge. After that, travel to Devil’s Razor and meet up with Vaughn at Roland’s Rest. As you get close, Childre of the Vault attack you, clear the area of the regular and the anointed enemy.

Go up to the statue after that and talk to Vaughn. It’s time to head to a Children of the Vault camp, get a vehicle from Catch-A-Ride terminal and go there.

The camp has turrets that won’t let you get close. Go back to Roland’s Rest and Tannis will tell you that she has a device that can help you. Now, go up the hill and talk to Vaughn.

Vaughn runs off and you have to follow him to Konrad’s Hold. Tannis will explain that she once used this area. You just keep moving towards the objective while killing enemies along the way.

The entrance is blocked, so go west towards the three doors and try all the marked switches. No switch works so now, go up the tracks coming from the north door and shoot the barrel next to the mining cart.

Go through the hole you just make and kill enemies along the way. Keep moving forward and use the elevator to progress. Then, jump across the bridge to the next room where Varkids are waiting for you. Keep pushing forward and in the final room you will come face-to-face with a Badass Varkid.

Shoot the pipe to destroy the floor and then, head into the pipe and towards your objective. Varkids attack you along the way so, take care of them.

Stroke the minecart and head to the new area. Shoot the red tubes coming out of the machine then, hit the toggle switch. Now head to the Sandblast Scar.

Get inside the vehicle that is waiting for you and you need to drive the reactor to safety. You can avoid enemies along the way if you want. Your path will be blocked by a large truck. Just shoo the red tank then move ahead and take the truck into the elevator. Go to Devil’s Razor then to the marked area. Talk to Vaughn and the mission is complete.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Angels and Speed Demons Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to complete the mission without having the reactor to blow up.

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