Borderlands 3 The Guns of Reliance Walkthrough – Defeat Muldock the Anointed

Borderlands 3 The Guns of Reliance Walkthrough will help you sets-by-step on how to defeat the Muldock the Anointed and completing the mission.

Borderlands 3 The Guns of Reliance

The Guns of Reliance open up after completing the Lair of the Harpy mission in BL3. The Guns of Reliance mission will see going to Reliance and facing Muldock the Anointed.

The Guns of Reliance

Wainwright wants to gather a crew to take out Aurelia. Go to the town of Reliance in the Floodmoor Basin region and talk to Clay. The door is locked and you have to follow Clay.

Children of the Vault are in your way. CLear out the area while Clay waits on top. After that, keep the following Clay to the weapons shed then, he’ll hack the door while you perform other tasks.

Go to the marked areas to free rebels and kill the Children of the Vault along the way. The first rebel you need to free is to the southeast, just shoot the lock to free him.

The second rebel is to the South of your position, up the stairs and near to a big building. Get back to Clay and talk to him and you are to shoot the highlighted controls to get to the shed open.

You need a gunsmith, so follow Clay and kill Children of the Vault that pop up along the way. Once the area is cleared, Clay will tell you to regroup at the gas station in the center of the town.

More Children of the Vault attack you and like before, kill them. As you reach the gas station, more enemies ambush you and these are tough enemies to kill.

Clear the area and Tyreen throws more enemies at you among them is a named psycho, “Long Arm the Smasher”. Deal with all of the enemies and talk to Clay who is by the gas station.

Get to the roof of the gas station and use the switch to turn on the power. Then Clay will ask you to go to Fort Sunshine and rescue the gunsmith. As you get there, more Childen of the Vault attack you.

Defeat them and another wave of enemies will come at you. Once the area is cleared, you need to get to a nearby lookout and Clay knows how to get up on the Crane to get inside the Fort Sunshine.

Get to the lumberyard and fight your way through to the back and you will see a way to get on the crane. Wait for the crane to get on the track and jump on them. Use this to get inside the Fort Sunshine. More Children of the Vault are waiting for you inside the Fort Sunshine. Clear the area and you are introduced to Muldock the Anointed.

Defeat Muldock the Anointed
Muldock the Anointed will spawn once all of the enemies have been cleared from the area. Muldock the Anointed throws projectiles at players and uses a shield to block attacks.

After you deal a certain amount of damage, Muldock will become immune to damage and will start blasting fire bolts at you. Keep your distance and just shoot when you get the chance.

After you defeat Muldock the Anointed, he turns into a crystal. Melee it and he’ll burst into loot. After that, free Dalton by pressing the button and take the key from Dalton.

Fast Travel to Reliance and then go to the weapons shed. Open the cabinet and grab the Legendary Gun and then, head over to Clay and talk to him. This concludes the mission.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 The Guns of Reliance Walkthrough guide with tips on how to complete the mission and defeat Muldock the Anointed.

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