How To Find A New Settlement In No Man’s Sky Frontiers

With the NMS Frontiers update, you can now find settlements and grow them, but you must first know how to do so. We explain more here.

No Man’s Sky Frontiers update is all about settlements. There are small towns that house NPC denizens. You can claim one such settlement, help it grow, and even oversee it. But to explore what this update offers, you must know how to find settlements in NMS Frontiers.

While hunting for your first settlement, you can never choose between planets. But the good thing is you can’t just stick to one settlement. This is related to becoming an Overseer; if you choose to become an Overseer for a settlement, the old one you have will disappear.

In this No Man’s Sky Settlements guide, we will review everything you need to know about these settlements, including how to claim one and become its Overseer.

How to Find the First Settlement in NMS?

Settlements are found randomly and are up to chance. There is no surefire way to find them but there are ways to increase your chances of doing so. If you want to know to how to find the perfect settlement, you must head to the space station in NMS Frontiers. Purchase an economy scanner and Signal Booster from the Starship Upgrade Kiosk and install them. Next, get a settlement map and charts from the Cartographer. Once you have purchased everything from the space station, navigate to space to locate a Trade Outpost using an economy scanner.

If a planet has a trade outpost on it, chances are there will be a settlement nearby. It also goes without saying that settlements are only found on hospitable planets. So if you land on a planet with a hostile environment, your chances of finding a settlement will be slim to none.

How to Start a New Settlement?

When you’re at a settlement, especially the one which sent out a distress call, you will need to find a resident their and talk to them. They will tell that Sentinels are approaching and you must defend yourself and the settlement. Do so and then go to the Settlement Hub Interface and apply to become an Overseer. This will make you the person in charge of the settlement and now you can add buildings and grow it.

How to Add Buildings

The first building you can add to your settlement is an Overseer’s office. For that, you need to donate the required materials to the Construction Terminal of your settlement, and the construction will finish within 2 minutes.

Once the Overseer’s office is built, you can interact with the Settlement Administration Terminal inside to construct more buildings following the same building procedure.

Can You Have More than One Settlement?

You can only have one settlement at a time, and you can only exchange it for another. To exchange your settlement, head to the Space Station, select the exchange-specific chart and purchase a settlement chart from the Cartographer.

Once the chart is purchased, access it from the menu, and you will be able to see the settlement where the Overseer position is vacant.

However, use this settlement card in some other space systems. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself navigated to your existing settlement. You will lose your old settlement once you become an Overseer.

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