Borderlands 3 Children Of The Vault Walkthrough – Defeat Shiv, Save Claptrap

Borderlands 3 Children Of The Vault Walkthrough guide will take you step-by-step through the entire Children Of The Vault mission.

Borderlands 3 Chapter 1

Children Of The Vault is the first Chapter of the Borderlands 3. Not much happens of significance in this mission as it’s the introductory mission in the game that familiarizes you with some of the game mechanics.

Children Of The Vault

Following the cutscene follow Claptrap to Quick Change Machine. After registering your Echo device, again follow Claptrap to a big door.

Follow the marker to the right of the door to open it, pull the lever to open the door. Now keep following Claptrap until he takes you to a weapons cache. Take the weapon and follow Claptrap and enter the Propaganda center.

After the Claptrap is taken away with a giant magnet, you need to follow him while killing enemies along the way. Once the area is cleared of the enemies, go past through the large metal doors.

You’ll be searching for shields in this area which are located to the on top of three large shipping containers to the North. Follow the marker to find Shiv.

As you enter the building, you’ll fight the Shiv. You have to defeat him in order to progress. Just avoid his ground slam attack and keep shooting at Shiv at every opportunity.

Once the Shiv is defeated, head inside the building and get to the top of the Tower to access the magnetic control panel. Disable the magnet and Claptrap will fall. Get to Claptrap and revive him. Talk to Lilith and receive your mission reward.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Chapter 1 Walkthrough guide with tips on how to save Claptrap and defeat Shiv.

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