Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon XP Farming Guide

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon XP Farming Guide to help you learn all about Leveling Up Fast in Pokemon USAUM with our XP Farming, and how to get the lucky egg.

In this Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon XP Farming Guide, we will guide you on how you can more XP easily and quickly in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

We have listed all the ways for earning XP along with some easy methods by which you can level up quickly by earning more XP with our Ultra Sun and Moon XP Farming Guide

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon XP Farming

Getting XP results in more Pokemon in your roster and that means that after a certain point you can land yourself a Luckey Egg.

There are different ways by which you can earn XP in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Some of these methods are basic such as finding random wild Pokémon and fighting them along with battling different trainers.

Among these methods, we have some unique ways by which you can earn extra and bonus XP on your journey so you can level up quickly.

How to Get Lucky Egg

When you have captured 50 Pokémon and completed the main story of the game, you can get a Lucky Egg from the Professor’s lab. His lab is located on Melemelee Island.

This lucky egg will give you 50% XP after every battle. Simply put the Lucky Egg in your inventory and the Pokémon will gain 50% extra XP in every battle. Three Pokémon in your team will result in 150% extra experience.

Roto Loto

In the Roto Loto feature of the Rotom Dex, you can buy special items and battle boost, which help to earn more XP. This is dependent on your friendship. A Higher level of friendship yields better items and more boost. In the item list, there is an option of Roto xp. Points. You need to unlock this option in order to earn more EXP points.

Keep interacting with Rotom and you will get to know when this option if available to you. This is applicable on all the Pokémon on your team. Each Pokémon in your team will give you bonus experience with this option enabled.

Blissey and Chansey

Blissey and Chansey are the Pokémons that gives extra XP in battles when you fight other Pokémon. You can fight more than one Blissey’s at the same time and when Blissey uses SOS ability, you earn even more points.

Therefore, you should try to fight Blissey as much as possible to earn extra XP. You can find Blissey in the Pino Island near the meadows!

Save your game when you near the bush from where Chansey or Blissey might appear! If he doesn’t appear just reload the game until he appears.

Once either appears, fight him using Absol and his False Swipe and pressure moves. This will make the opponent use the SOS ability! False Swipe must be used to lower the opponents HP to 1 along with using Adrenaline orbs which will increase the chances of SOS.

Defeat the Chansey/Blissey that are summoned and you may gather upto 7k XP!

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