Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave Walkthrough – Defeat Aurelia, Enter The Vault, Defeat Graveward

Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to enter the vault and how to defeat the Graveward boss.

Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave Walkthrough Guide will help you step-by-step on how to enter the vault and how to defeat the Graveward boss.

Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave

This BL3 mission unlocks after you complete Going Rogue mission. This is the mission in which you defeat Aurelia, enter the vault and fight the Graveward to collect your loot.

Cold as the Grave

Go to Knotty Peak and talk to Wainwright and he’ll tell you to meet with Clay. Travel to Reliance, talk to Clay and then follow him. Enter the now opened area in Blackbarrel Cellars.

Continue until you face enemies, take them out and continue ahead. As you reach the delivery room, you need to clear the area and then, go to the marked spot and hit the green button on the console. Hit the button again to see if Wainwright has entered the right code.

Enemies will come out of the pipe, clear the area and after that, a large Badass Hog will spawn, kill it. Once the area is cleared, hit the button again and the pipe will spawn the item you need. Destroy it and grab the Vault Key Fragment.

Go up the walkway and get on the conveyor belt to continue through the newly opened door. Make your way forward and meet up with Wainwright. Make your way forward while fending off enemies along the way.

After that, go up the stairs and inside the room with hanging bodies and jump down in the hole in the ground to proceed to the boss fight.

Defeat Aurelia
Aurelia uses frost based attacks so, if they hit you, you’ll slow down. She can also summon blocks in the area that will block your path and can fire homing icicles at you but don’t worry, as the blocks also provide cover. Also, she can summon small twisters that move around dealing damage.

As you deplete her shield, she will summon a block around her to regenerate her shield. Shoot the block to destroy it and stop her from regenerating her shield.

She will also jump on an ice pedestal to shoot at you, just shoot the pedestal to knock her down. Also, she can summon a large ball of ice that floats and will start raining down snowballs, get out of the immediate area to avoid damage and just keep shooting her until she goes down.

Once she is defeated, Hammerlock and Wainwright will be free, check on them and it’s time to get into the vault. You need to reveal three ruins first.

Head to the statue and the recording nearby will reveal that you need to shoot the head of the statue to reveal the first ruin. Go west and to the newly opened area and then, into the tunnel until you see a statue. Shoot the statue in the back.

As you shoot the statue in the back a Badass Jabber attacks you. Kill it and head back east, up to the Greenhouse and interact with the door. Clear the area then go into the next room and shoot the statue between the legs.

Go back outside in the middle and a button has appeared in the middle of the pool. Press the button and go across the bridge and meet with Tannis and give her the last Vault Key Fragment. She assembles the vault key and gives it to you and get ready for another boss fight. Jump down into the hole and place the Vault in the receptacle in the center.

Defeat Grave And Ward
As you insert the Vault Key, two guardian enemies appear namely Grave And Ward. Both of them run around to melee you and shoot at you. Weapons with shock element work best against both of these enemies.

At one point both will stop moving to cast a spell that throws orange orbs at you. Just keep shooting and take them both down.

Defeat Graveward
Once both Grave and Ward are down, they merge and become Graveward and here is the real boss fight begins. Graveward has a number of attacks that he can use against you. However, after each attack, the boss reveals his weak spot that you need to shoot to deal critical damage.

When it attacks where its hand remains at one spot for a second then either it’s about ti tilt the arena or jump in front and spews poison. Whenever you get the chance, shoot the crit areas for extra damage and watch out for its attacks and small enemies nearby.

When the Graveward tilts the arena, jump into the hole on both sides to stop your character from sliding. After a certain amount of damage, it just drops its head on the arena, shoot it as much as you can especially in the eye.

After this, Graveward will start shooting lasers which are easy to avoid. Just keep shooting and avoid damage and eventually, it’ll go down. Then, Tannis comes to neutralize the monster and after that pick up the loot.

Head into the vault and loot the area and grab the Eridian Synchronizer. Go back and talk to Tannis and then, go back to Sanctuary and speak with Lilith to complete the mission.

That is all for our Borderlands 3 Cold as the Grave Walkthrough Guide with tips on how to defeat the Graveward.

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