How To Get Savior In Remnant 2

Savior is a long gun that will become an endgame weapon in Remnant 2 and is known for its critical hit chance and high weak spot damage.

Savior is a long gun known for its critical hit chance and high weak spot damage in Remnant 2. It is more of an endgame weapon in the game. It has a low fire speed and should be used primarily as a sniper.

The Savior has one of a kind of Weapon Mod which is why this weapon is so sought after. Read below to learn how to get this weapon and what it does in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Savior Long Gun Location

Savior is an endgame legendary weapon that you cannot craft. It can only be bought by visiting Brabus. He is the weapon merchant you will find near the shooting range. Before you go to Brabus, you must complete Remnant 2 in Apocalypse mode, the hardest difficulty in Remnant 2.

After you have completed the entire game at Apocalypse difficulty, you can buy the weapon at Brabus for 1500 scrap.

Savior weapon Stats, Mods, and Mutators

The Savior has 72 damage per shot and six shots in the barrel. It has a high accuracy, and the fire rate is higher than most sniper rifles.

The base damage can also be increased if you sit and let it charge automatically. If you time your shot such that you fire the instance the recharge is complete, bonus damage will be dealt.


Besides that, you get an ideal range of 25m with a falloff Range of 75m to take out targets from afar. Now the Critical hit chance is 10%, and the weak spot Damage bonus of 115% points out to be the main selling points for the Savior.

The Weapon mod you get with the Savior in Remnant 2 is the Shatterstar. This mod provides elemental fire damage to your shots. You can deal 100 Fire Damage for 10s when you hit the shot on enemies. This shot will also apply Burning to the enemy for 20s.

If you hit an enemy’s weak spot, the shot will fragment and deal burning damage to nearby enemies. This fragment will apply burning. This is also coupled with the tremendous weak spot damage of this weapon.

The Savior mod cannot be removed. But, there is an empty single Mutator slot in this long gun.

You can equip Mutators such as Bulletweaver to increase fire rate when Mod is used, Extender to increase magazine capacity, Ghost shell to increase weak spot damage, or Momentum to increase Critical chance and critical damage.

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