How To Get The Tormented Heart In Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, Tormented Heart is a unique relic that deals explosive damage to nearby enemies and Lifesteals the quarter of the damage dealt.

With such a significant amount of secret, missable items in Remnant 2, many players often make the grave mistake of going in blind. Some even miss obtaining a Relic as great as the Tormented Heart in Remnant 2.

The bonuses provided by the Tormented Heart are so good that it’s almost a shame to miss this one when you get the chance to get it. This is because there is only a tiny chance that you can have the proper run for it since it requires a lot of luck.

That said, it’s best to read up on where you can find the Tormented Heart in Remnant 2 before playing the game further so you don’t lose any progress.

Remnant 2 The Tormented Heart location

To get your hands on the Tormented Heart in Remnant 2, you must be lucky enough to roll the Sanatorium as you enter Losomn. This is because the crafting item – required for the Tormented Heart can only be found at this location.

However, if you manage to roll the Palace Courtyard Instead– or roll the Forgotten Prison in N’Erud – you won’t be able to get the associated quest and hence be incapable of acquiring the Tormented Heart.

That said, if you are lucky enough to roll the Sanatorium with the Seeker’s Quest, that’s good – but if not, then you have to reroll the campaign until you start from the Seeker’s Rest.


Roll the Campaign until you start from the Seeker’s Rest in N’Erud

From Seeker’s Rest, you must follow through with all the missions until you reach the Timeless Horizon. Now you have to find the Override Pin in this location.

First, take a right from your position and then use the lift to go up. Then, move forward and take another right by the stairs to come across another lift. Take it and find another one that will take you to the Override Pin location.

Note that you reach the Sentinel’s Keep a little bit further through the game, at which point you can use the Override Pin to summon a boss – the Spectral Guardian.

Since you need the Override Pin to obtain the Tormented Heart, it is necessary not to use it on the machine that summons the boss. You can interact with the glowing mechanism as an alternative way to start the fight.

Roll the Losomn Marrow Parish run

Obtaining the Override Pin completes the first step to getting the Tormented Heart in Remnant 2. The next step, however, needs pure luck and can undo everything you’ve worked for.

After progressing further through the campaign, you can reach the Losomn area. Now, you must make sure that you start the Losomn area with the Marrow Parish run – or specifically, with the Sanatorium.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to obtain the Tormented Heart and will have to reroll your campaign and start all over again.

If you manage to land the Marrow Parish run, your first objective is to head over to the Tormented Asylum.

Inside this location, there is a small cell with blue webs. If you interact with this web and place the Override Pin here, you will get the Tormented Heart in exchange. Tormented Heart can help you get the Tranquil Heart in Remnant 2. All you have to do for this is give the Tormented Heart to Nimue.

How to use the Tormented Heart

The Tormented Heart is a unique Relic that gives users an innate boost to Use Speed. Moreover, it also deals a huge amount of Explosive damage to nearby enemies upon use while also dealing some of a quarter of it as Lifesteal.

Since this Relic gives such a useful set of bonuses, it can be used comfortably with most builds in the game. Some of these builds include the Medic/Handler and DPS Build.

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