How To Get Silver Ribbon In Remnant 2

Silver Ribbon is a gear item that can be paired with a weapon in Remnant 2 to increase its fire, reload, and movement speed.

You will come across many unique gear items in Remnant 2, and the Silver Ribbon will be one of these. As always, don’t be fooled by its name, as it will be an amulet that will grant you a status effect as well. So, in short, the Silver Ribbon is specifically a name for a unique necklace that, when equipped, grants you the Haste status effect.

However, you must perform a series of tasks to acquire the Silver Ribbon. These will involve getting the plain Ribbon first and then finding the two Fae statues. Afterward, you can bind these two Faes statues with a plain Ribbon to procure the necklace known as Silver Ribbon.

Steps to get Silver Ribbon in Remnant 2

You must fulfill three conditions to procure the Silver Ribbon. These include:

1. Playing the Statues Event

Starting, the only way to acquire the Silver Ribbon will be through a particular event, such as The Statues Event in Remnant 2. However, the occurrence of this event is random and depends on your luck.

So if you have spent some time in the Losomn World, you can check your map and look towards the northwest section in Remnant 2. There you might find a map area that looks reminiscent of a shape of a light bulb.

Remember that this will not be the same for every player, as you may come across this event in places such as the Gilded Chamber or the Shattered Gallery. So if you find it and go directly to these areas, you will find two Fae statues facing the same direction and touching hands.


2. Acquiring the Plain Ribbon

However, you will need another important item to complete the objective of obtaining the Silver Ribbon. Plain Ribbon in Remnant 2 cannot be found in one location, but you must visit multiple locations to get it. These locations include The Great Hall, Shattered Gallery, Council Chambers, and the Gilded Chambers in Remnant 2.

3. Completing this event in the Dark World state

Once you successfully get this item, please keep it safe in your inventory for further use and go directly beneath the area in the Shattered Gallery. You must head directly toward the two Fae statues and interact with them in Remnant 2.

This way, you will place the Plain Ribbon around their hands and complete their relationship by placing this item as commemorating their union. After that, you can exit that area and explore outside, then return to these Fae statues in Remnant 2 shortly.

However, this time, you will notice that instead of the Plain Ribbon that you placed on their hands, it will have changed into the Silver Ribbon, which you can get by walking to them and picking it up in Remnant 2. However, remember that you will get the Golden Ribbon if you play in the Light World. To get Silver Ribbon, make sure you are playing in the dark world.

Silver Ribbon Effects in Remnant 2

As mentioned, the Silver Ribbon will only be available if you play in a Dark World state. This will include a significant increase in skill damage which goes up to (25 percent).

This damage, paired with activating the status effect Haste, increases your actions, such as weapon fire, reload speed, movement speed, etc., for a total of 15 sec in Remnant 2, allowing you to be more formidable in your battles.

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