Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Orochium Shrine Walkthrough

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom contains 152 Shrine locations, of which 15 are located in the Hebra Mountains. One of these Hebra Mountain shrines is the Orochium Shrine, located in the chilly region of northwest Hyrule.

Like many shrines, the Orochium shrine also has a puzzle called the ‘Courage to Fall’ that is pretty simple to solve. It also teaches players the use of the Ascend and Ultrahand abilities just like the Sonapan Shrine.

Zelda: TotK also exposes Link to realistic weather conditions and as this Shrine is located in the chilly Hebra Mountain with freezing cold, a journey without proper cold protection would be no less than a suicide mission.

Before venturing through this region, players must prepare themselves with appropriate heat insulation such as the Snowquill Armor Set or other insulating tactics.

With that being said, let us look into the exact location of the Orochium Shrine and how to solve its puzzle.

Where to find the Orochium Shrine in Zelda: TotK

The Orochium Shrine is located at the coordinates (-1638, 2643, 0239) in the Hebra Mountains Region of Tabantha Snowfields in northwest Hyrule.


You will come across the Forgotten Temple in Geoglyphs quest and from there you can take a detour to the Orochium Shrine by continuing northwest till you see the entrance of the shrine at the point marked on the map below.  

Orochium Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete the Orochium Shrine in Zelda: TotK

After entering the Orochium Shrine, the Courage to Fall puzzle will begin. It is an easy one if you know how to dodge lasers and make use of the Ultrahand and the Ascend abilities. So let us get into the Orochium Shrine puzzle solution.

Turn left and find the secret passage

After entering the Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, you will see a large door in front of you but this is not where you have to go. The room on the other side of this door is restricted using lasers and there is no way to proceed so you need to find an alternative way.

Orochium Shrine walkthrough for Tears of the Kingdom

Take a left and you will find a Soldier Construct II waiting here for you who you need to take down. After clearing him out of the way, look up to the ledge and go up using your Ascend ability.

Once on the top, you will see a ladder to your right. Climb it to go further up and you will see a secret passage on the wall leading to another room.

Find the chest with a reward

Now you need to drop down into the next room and clear the area by killing the enemy found here.

Now, take a right near the flight of stairs and you will find another enemy here.

Take him down and collect a bundle of 5 arrows from the chest present here.

Go to the lower room

Now, you need to make use of the Ultrahand ability and open the door at the end of the stairs in the room.

Opening this door will reveal lasers and a cage behind them that contains an orb.

Instead of avoiding the lasers here, you need to touch them so that a room on the lower level is exposed and you can drop down to it.

Get the Shrine Key

Once in the lower room, continue forward carefully while avoiding any touch with the lasers here till you make it to the end of the hallway.

Ascend to the top of the ledge at the end and you will be led to a room with stairs. Climb these stairs to find a chest with the Shrine Key for the Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

Open the orb door and take it

This Shrine Key that you just found unlocks the cage of the orb that you saw first so that is where you have to go next.

Ascend from where you found the chest and continue forward to the orb cage.

Open the orb door, take the orb, and go up the flight of stairs here to the moving platform. Get on the moving platform while holding the orb above your head.

Build a glider for the orb

The platform will take you up and there you will see a round vessel with a hollow in the middle for the orb. Place the orb into it and this will unlock the bar cage behind the vessel.

You will see a Zonai Wing with two Zonai fans attached to it here. Take this device out, grab the orb from the vessel, and put it in this device. Position the device on the rails found here and turn it on by hitting it.

Obtain the Light of Blessing

Once the Zonai device is turned on, it will take the orb to the end of the room where an altar will be present that you need to examine.

Paraglide your way down with the device and then take the orb from it to put it into another vessel here.

Just like before, this will also open the bar cage behind exposing the altar from where you can collect your reward, the Light of Blessing and complete the Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.