How To Complete Sahirow Shrine In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Avoid the laser traps and ascend through Sahirow shrine to earn its blessing.

Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has its fair share of challenges as you must avoid the laser traps present in it. In terms of Link’s abilities, you will mostly use his Ascend ability to phase through the objects above to simply clear the Sahirow Shrine.

Keep in mind that the Sahirow Shrine, like all the other Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Shrine locations, will test your mettle and reward you generously once you overcome its trial successfully.

Moreover, the shrines that you discover and solve will be marked on your map serving you as fast travel points in the game.

Sahirow Shrine Location in Zelda: TotK

Sahirow Shrine is near Corvash Peak in the Hebra Region. It is to the north of Rito Village and west of Rospro Pass Skyview Tower.

The exact coordinates for Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are (-3361, 2384, 0359).

The shrine is standing on top of a snowy hill. Make sure that you purchase and equip Snowquill armor to survive the extreme cold of the region.

Sahirow Shrine Walkthrough

The trial presented by Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is called Aid from Above.

1. From the entrance of the shrine, go straight and jump across the laser trap. Make sure that you run before the jump to make a safe landing.

2. Go through the corridor to come across the next trap. Cross the first laser by jumping over it.

3. To safely navigate the other lasers, crouch to pass through the gaps.

4. Climb the steps to the right and jump over the final set of lasers (3) using your glider.

5. Use the Ascend ability on the moving lift to reach the next section of Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

6. Crouch once more to cross the next laser trap.

7. Use Ultrahand to pick up a metal block and place it in the laser’s path. This will trigger the trap (a bottomless hole near the laser) and open the door to the room housing the treasure chest.

8. Open the treasure chest to obtain a Spicy Elixir.

9. Remove the block with Ultrahand once more and crouch to pass through the laser trap.

10. Go to the room on the opposite side to play a gauntlet of traps. For the first trap, simply jump over the moving laser.

11. In the next area, crouch to avoid the laser moving over your head.

12. For the final trap, you need to be extra fast and vigilant. This net of lasers seems unavoidable at first glance. Don’t worry. Ready your Ascend ability and trigger it as soon as the lasers come near you.

13. Climb to the top of the structure and glide all the way to the altar room.

14. Interact with Rauru and Sonia’s statues to complete the puzzle and earn a Light of Blessing as a reward. You can use four lights of Blessing at any Goddess statue to either increase your stamina or health.

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