Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Sahirow Shrine Walkthrough

The Sahirow Shrine has its fair share of challenges as you will pass through the lasers present in this shrine to solve it in Zelda: Totk. In terms of Link’s abilities, you will mostly use Link’s Ascension ability to phase through the objects above to simply clear the Sahirow Shrine.

Keep in mind that the Sahirow Shrine, like all shrines, will test your mettle and once you complete the challenges you face in these shrines you will be rewarded as well.

Moreover, the shrines that you discover and solve will be marked on your map serving you as fast travel points in Zelda: Totk.

Where to find the Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Sahirow Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

Make your way to the northwest area of the map and go west from Corvash Peak in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The coordinates are -3355, 2387, 0361 in case you want to track the location on your map.

How to solve the Sahirow Shrine puzzle in Zelda: TotK

The Sahirow Shrine has another puzzle for you to solve in Tears of the Kingdom. Start by jumping over the first laser obstacle and then prepare for the following challenges.

Step 1: Pass the lasers

Tears of the Kingdom Sahirow Shrine Laser 1

However, this time there will be five laser obstacles up ahead at different angles. So pass the first laser by jumping over it and then crouch down to move under the second laser. Keep in this position and you will be able to pass easily through the third, fourth, and fifth laser in Zelda: Totk.

Tears of the Kingdom Sahirow Shrine Laser 2

After that, you can climb the two large cubes on the right side and then jump to glide over the three laser obstacles below.

After that, you will come face to face with a wall, and on the upper level, you will see a moving slide as well. So here you can use Ascension on that moving slide to get to the upper level with relative ease in Tears of the Kingdom.

Step 2: Take the right path to get the Chest

Once above you will see two paths. The one leading to the right will take you to the chest. Keep in mind that if you take the left path then the gate behind you will be locked.

You will have to come back again, go through the same process of passing the laser’s before, and then go towards the right path at the end.

So to avoid this hassle go towards the right path first. There will be a single laser trap there which you can evade by sneaking under it.

However, you can also deactivate the laser by using ultrahand to place the giant cube in the laser’s path, but this will open the trap door next to the laser as well in Totk.

Make sure to get the treasure chest in the middle area near the wall for the Spicy Elixir, which will give you cold resistance in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Step 3: Go through the left path

After unlocking the chest you make your way back to the center and then proceed towards the path on the left side. After entering the path the gate behind you will drop and the laser will start moving towards you so you can time your jump as soon as it comes near you to get across it in Totk.

Then you run towards the second corridor. There you will find yet another laser trap. This will be a little higher so you can sneak under it to avoid getting hit by it in Zelda: Totk.

After crossing this trap and moving onwards you will see multiple lasers with a moving platform that will make it impossible for you to pass through.

So you can wait until the platform gets near you and then use the Ascension ability to phase through one of the giant cubes above it.

Step 4: Interact with the Green Altar

After that, you simply jump forward and make your way to the green Altar which will be surrounded by four giant pillars. Interact with them to complete the Sahirow Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.