Raft Battery Charger Parts Locations

In a bid to survive the sea, you will need to craft Battery Chargers to power up your electronic devices...

In a bid to survive the sea, you will need to craft Battery Chargers to power up your electronic devices in Raft. Instead of just throwing away and wasting empty batteries, you can now recycle and recharge them through the Battery Charger, but at the cost of Biofuel.

Crafting a Battery Charger requires a lot of work though. You need some Battery Parts to craft a Blueprint, which can then be used to learn how to craft a Battery Charger.

It can be complicated for some people, but there is no need to worry because we will be covering everything you need to know about the Battery Charger in the following guide.

Raft Battery Charger Parts Locations

Battery Charger Parts are needed to craft the Battery Charger Blueprint. There are a total of three Battery Charger parts and they can all be found in the Caravan Town. The parts are pairs of Red and Blue Alligator Connecting Wires. They will be highlighted if you have them in your line of sight.

The first of the three Battery Charger Parts can be found just ahead of the docks of the Caravan Town, near the sign hanging that says “Bandar Kafilah” to the sea.

To get to the second Battery Charger Part, you’ve got to navigate to the top of the mountain to the fight of the docks; behind the mountain which holds the sign.

You’ll find a series of stairs that lead up to the mountain. Follow the stairs to the top of the mountain and climb the blue trailer that’s just ahead of you when you reach the top. The Battery Charger part is located on top of this trailer.

To find the third Battery Charger Part, head over to the tower which has a red flag on top of it. This tower would be one of the tallest heights on the Island and would be located at the center of it.

Climb to the top of the tower, then head down the bridge which leads to a black trailer near a small cliff. At the top of this cliff, there are three more trailers and between them is the third Battery Charger Part.

How To Craft Battery Charger In Raft

Now that you’ve got yourself the three Battery Charger Parts, it’s time to create a Battery Charger, but first, you have to create the Battery Charger Blueprint.

You can craft the Blueprint at the Workbench in the Mayor’s Office in Caravan Town. Once you’ve got the Blueprint, you’re ready to craft the Battery Charger. You can then discard the Blueprint as you wouldn’t be needing it anymore.

The crafting materials that are required to craft the Battery Charger are as follows:

  • 15x Plastic
  • 5x Scrap
  • 1x Circuit Board
  • 4x Titanium Ingots

You come across plastic at the very early stages of the game. It’s used to build the foundation of your raft. It’s one of the easiest things to find.

You can find plastic often floating around in the ocean. You can also find it in Loot Boxes, Vacated Rafts, and Barrels.

Scrap is slightly rarer than plastic, so it might be a bit harder to find. You can often find scrap inside Vacated Rafts, Barrels, or in the Reefs around the edges of islands.

They are mostly found underwater though, so you have to collect them via a Hook. There is an island, however, that contains a relatively higher amount of Scrap – the Vasagatan. You can use this area to farm scrap, and once you exhaust it, just move about 2500 units away from the island and then come back. They will have respawned by then.

Circuit Board
Circuit Boards are mostly used to make Electronic Devices. Circuit Boards can be crafted after their Blueprints are researched at the Research Table.

You need the following items to craft a circuit board:

  • 5x Plastic
  • 2x Copper Ingot
  • 1x Vine Goo

Titanium Ingots
Titanium Ingots can be made with Titanium Ore and Planks. You need to smelt Titanium Ore using planks inside the smelter. Titanium Ores can be found in Safes with a Metal Detector while on a Treasure Hunt.

How To Use Battery Charger

In order to use the Battery Charger, you need to connect it to a Biofuel Tank via Fuel Pipes as it runs on Biofuel.

You can charge up to 4 Batteries with one Biofuel Canister. A Battery Charger has two designated slots to hold batteries, meaning that it can recharge a total of two batteries at a time. For a full charge, it takes about 185 seconds.

If you’ve got enough Biofuel, the batteries will start to charge once you place them in their respective slots, the Charging is indicated by an orange light, and once the Battery is fully charged, the light will turn Green and the Battery Charger will turn off.

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