How To Get The Glutton Trait In Remnant 2

Get yourself the Glutton trait if you are looking to increase the speed of using consumables and relics in Remnant 2.

Making its return from the previous game in the Remnant franchise, the Glutton Trait is an amazing item to get your hands on in Remnant 2.

The Glutton Trait increases the use speed of all consumables and relics you have on you. The speed increases as you level up your Archetype, and serves will whenever you require a heal, etc. urgently.

While you have many other available traits, this one is special because it helps you escape certain death. Moreover, while the other ones are simple to obtain, the Glutton Trait is hidden behind a secret.

The game doesn’t tell you how or where you can acquire this Trait, but we are here to help you out with that.

How to get the Glutton Trait in Remnant 2

There are actually two very simple ways to get the Glutton Trait in Remnant 2. Since the game doesn’t tell you about either of them, you might end up taking the wrong step and not getting the Trait at all.

That’s why, read the following methods carefully to guarantee that you get your hands on the Glutton Trait.


Complete the Feast Event

The first method requires you to complete the Feast Event, which occurs in the Great Hall in Losomn. This is a random event that pops up, which means that you may or may not get it.

If you don’t get this event, then you need to go for the alternative method mentioned afterward.

As you enter the Losomn’s Great Hall, you can see a giant table with food laid on it, and a creature sitting nearby. Upon approaching the table, you will be asked to eat up as part of the quest.

The food turns out to be rotten, and you enter the Ravenous state. Once that happens, different types of Fae enemies will start popping up, and you have to fight all of them.

The only problem is that since you are in a Ravenous state, you don’t heal like you usually would. You have to keep eating the rotten food on the table highlighted in red to heal up.

To obtain the Glutton Trait in this event, however, you have to do a single task that only requires a friend. That said, you first need to be in multiplayer to complete the task.

Whenever your friend is downed, you must revive him while you are in the Ravenous state. When you do that, you are automatically granted the Glutton Trait.

Consume or be consumed in co-op

An alternative method for when the Feast event doesn’t show up would be to consume or be consumed by your ally. However, for this method still, you require assistance from another friend that is either willing to eat you or be eaten by you (in the game, of course).

Accomplish either and you will be granted the Glutton Trait as a reward.

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