Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Best Dungeon Order – Which Temple First?

Unlike its predecessor, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers five traditional dungeons in the form of Temples.

Unlike its predecessor, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers five traditional dungeons in the form of Temples. These temples are the required checkpoints, and they progress the story meaningfully. But each dungeon varies significantly from the next because of its unique geographical location and the difficulty it offers.

Zelda: TotK has been divided into various regions with distinct weather. The game’s environmental conditions play a significant role and determine how one player’s journey will differ from the other (even two playthroughs are not the same).

All five dungeons are in different regions of Hyrule, and the area’s conditions significantly impact players’ progress toward them. Some areas in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, like the Eldin Region, are impossible to traverse during the early game.

Best dungeons order to follow in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

This all can get a bit overwhelming for the series’ newcomers and veterans. After finishing the game and understanding the best route through trial and error, we are here to help you progress through the story in the smoothest manner possible.

We have arranged the temples in order. It would be best to attempt them to maximize fun and unlock their best abilities immediately. The order of temples is as follows:

  1. Wind Temple
  2. Water Temple
  3. Lightning Temple
  4. Fire Temple
  5. Spirit Temple

Wind Temple

The Wind Temple is in the skies of the Hebra region. You can access it during the “Tulin of Rito Village” main quest. This main quest becomes available in Rito village, arguably one of the coldest regions in Hyrule. But, surviving cold weather is a bit easier as Link comes across many fire plants and wooden sticks during his initial journey.


Following our guides, you can also acquire Archaic Warm Greaves from the tutorial area and cook cold-resistant foods. Hebra region is a bit difficult if you come unprepared, but the Wind Temple and its final boss, Colgera, are like a walk in the park.

Once completed with the help of Tulin, Wind Temple offers you a Heart container and one of the best abilities Zelda: TotK has to offer. Tulin’s Gust ability pushes Link forward when he glides through the air, making it possible to cover more considerable distances without consuming stamina. It also allows Link to reach the previously inaccessible Sky Islands.

Water Temple

You can access the Water Temple by starting the “Sidon of the Zora” main quest, which is in the skies of Lanayru Wetlands. This quest is a part of the “Regional Phenomenon” and becomes available once Link reaches the Zora Domain.

The path to Zora’s Domain is not tricky but most accessible. The only downside is a lot of rain that makes outdoor climbing a chore and non-stop thunderstrikes. Both problems can be circumvented by brewing Sticky elixirs and equipping Rubber Armor set.

The main problem arises with the quest and the dungeon to follow. “Sidon of Zora” is a bit difficult to complete because of the cryptic nature of its puzzles in Zelda TotK. The Water Temple is difficult to traverse, and its puzzles can infuriate. The final boss of Water Temple, Mucktorok, is tough and needs quick reflexes and a lot of patience.

However, the rewards for finishing the Water Temple compensate for all the trouble Link has to go through. To access Water Temple, Link must find and equip Zora’s Armor, which is hands down one of the most essential pieces of armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

It allows Link to swim upstream against the waterfalls and reduces stamina consumption while swimming. Completing the Water Temple rewards Link with a Heart Container and Sidon’s Vow, which provides Link with a shield to protect him from incoming attacks. Sidon’s water shield proves invaluable during the next two dungeons in Zelda: TotK.

Fire Temple

Link must travel to Goron City in the Eldin region to access the Fire Temple and start the “Yunobo of Goron City” main quest. This quest takes Link to the depths of the Eldin region, where the Fire Temple resides among a pool of lava. The path to the Eldin region and its depths is dangerous and can instantly burn Link’s body.

Thankfully, Link can purchase a few Fireproof elixirs from one of the stables near the Eldin region. You can also brew some Fireproof elixirs or purchase the Flamebreaker Armor set to make this journey more manageable.

Sidon’s water shield plays an essential role in fighting the fire-based enemies, and Rito’s Gust allows Link to reach the distant platforms in the Eldin Region depths. The Fire Temple and its boss are formidable. The area is full of lava, and the Marbled Gohma has a ton of HP. Without the help of abilities unlocked in the previous dungeons, Fire Temple can and will become a nuisance.

The rewards for completing the Fire Temple are a Heart Container and Yunobo’s Vow. His avatar unlocks the ability to destroy any boulders without wasting your bomb arrows or rock hammers in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Yunobo’s charged cannonball is one of the best abilities to help Link with exploration. To progress “Yunobo of Goron City,” purchasing and equipping the Flamebreaker armor is necessary. This armor allows Link to withstand a lot of damage and protection against fire.

Lightning Temple

Lightning Temple is in the Gerudo Desert, and you can access it during the “Riju of Gerudo Desert” main quest. It is one of the harshest regions in Hyrule, with unbearable heat during the day and cold at night. You can equip Snowquil and Desert Voe armor sets to survive the harsh climate of the Gerudo desert. Cook a lot of heat-resistant elixirs before venturing into this area.

The sand shroud constantly ravages the Gerudo Desert, and the map doesn’t work in this area (making it practically impossible to fast travel). You can check our guide to survive the deadly encounter with Molduga in the Gerudo Desert area.

Collect a lot of water-gourd plants and use them for cooking heat-resistant meals. If you still have trouble, build a campfire and only travel at night. Use Sidon’s water splash attack to take down thunder-based enemies.

You can use Rito’s Gust ability to glide from one Tornado to the other without touching the Ground. Without acquiring these abilities and upgrading Link’s heart and stamina containers, the Lightning Temple is impossible to reach, let alone be conquered.

Lightning Temple Dungeon has some callous enemies and one of the most challenging bosses, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, has to offer. Queen Gibdo hits like a truck and has a massive health pool. She recalls reinforcements halfway through the fight, making this fight an actual test of players’ nerves.

Sidon’s shield and Yunobo’s cannonball attacks are vital in surviving the onslaught. You can attempt to complete the Lightning Temple before the Fire Temple, but it is ill-recommended for all the extra work you must do to survive.

The rewards for completing the Lightning Temple are a Heart container and Riju’s Vow, Lightning Strike. It is one of the best offensive abilities in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Lightning Strike not only incapacitates the enemies but also delivers massive explosion damage.

Spirit Temple

Spirit Temple is in the depths of Faron Grasslands and can only be accessed during the “Guidance from the Ages Past” main quest. There is a catch. Spirit Temple doesn’t become available until Link completes the previous four.

Despite being the easiest one with just one boss battle, the Seized Construct, we place this dungeon in the last spot because of the restrictions placed by Zelda: TotK.

This is the best order in which the dungeons should be approached in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. By following this order, you will have minimal difficulty saving Hyrule and putting the Demon Ganon to rest.

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