Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Mucktorok Boss Guide

You need to complete the Lanaryu Water Temple Puzzle in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in order to face Mucktorok.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has its fair share of enemies and bosses that you will have to defeat to progress further into the game. One of these enemy bosses that you will encounter is namely Mucktorok. This foe is also given the title of Scourge of the Water Temple. He is an irritating foe and will take you by surprise if you do not come prepared in this boss fight.

That being said the Mucktorok has a tiny ugly figure with evil orange eyes bulging out from the sides of its large head. This purplish devil may look small, but he can spew a lot of sludge on the ground to summon a far larger and uglier monster that has a shark’s body with a crocodile face to attack you ferociously in Zelda: Totk.

You will face this enemy boss Mucktorok at the Water Temple during one of the main quests. This particular quest will be known as Sideon of the Zora in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

So in this guide, you can learn how to defeat the Mucktorok in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to defeat Mucktorok in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

So firstly you need to go through the Lanaryu Water Temple Puzzle in Tears of the Kingdom in order to face Mucktorok.

Once you fill the central device the water will start moving through the four large faucets in large quantity removing all the sludge. As this water will be dissolving all the sludge, from that pile of sludge a small amount will suddenly move in your direction.

After that Mucktorok will make his entry from that portion of sludge. Since this creature is responsible for the sludge, he will spew a lot of it to summon a monster to aid him against you in battle. That being said a large crocodile will then make its appearance and Mucktorok will ride it.

So if you want to defeat Mucktorok in Tears of the Kingdom, then you need to take out his ride (crocodile) first. This will leave him vulnerable to your attacks for a short period.

So remember to stock up on health supplies with dishes such as the Fried Wild Greens, Hearty Fried Wild Greens, etc. along with loads of arrows as you can also deal with this enemy boss using ranged attacks as well in Totk.

You will also need the splash fruits to fight this sludge boss Mucktorok. Similarly,  you can also use Prince Sidon’s blessing as well to counter this enemy with the water shield.

First Phase

However, before engaging this boss you need to know its attacks as well. Mucktorok will engage you with these three attacks during the first phase in Tears of the Kingdom.

The first attack will basically involve Mucktorok’s creature jumping up in the air like a dolphin. Once it lands there will be a large wave of sludge attack that comes upon you. If you get hit by this attack you will lose health equivalent to four hearts in Zelda: Totk.

So you need to avoid getting hit by it. To do that you can simply jump at the exact moment and use the hover action to avoid getting hit by it. 

This time around the monster will make a direct beeline attack at you. This attack is pretty straightforward and deadly so you can evade this by timing it correctly as well.

The creature will shoot a horizontal sludge beam to attack you starting from your surroundings. So like the other attacks, you can wait for it to come near you and then dodge it by jumping in the air and then gliding to the safe area.

Second Phase

The second phase will begin when you take out half of Mucktorok’s health in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

During this Mucktorok will get into a frenzy, inflate, and land in the middle of the area. Then he will spew out loads of sludge in the surrounding area.

Since the sludge is everywhere so you can clean it using water. Furthermore, if you take out the crocodile monster Mucktorok will fall off and evade you by jumping into these Sludge puddles.

So you will have to deal with the sludge puddles in the surroundings first using Splash fruit to clear the ground. Moreover, you will have to watch out for the attacks in this second phase.

This time around the croc monster will come out and spew large sludge patches towards you. You will have to be quick to dodge these because getting hit by them will hinder your movement and you will not be able to react to Mucktorok’s follow-up attacks.

Like the First wave, this time as well Mucktorok’s creature will resume with the sludge wave attack. However, the magnitude will be higher compared to the first one due to sludge puddles in your surroundings.

So you can use the same evasion tactics to jump and glide to the safe side to avoid getting hit by Mucktorok’s attack in Zelda: Totk.

Moreover, with Mucktorok jumping around in the sludge you need to make sure that you target him correctly. These attacks should deplete Mucktorok’s health as well.

Therefore, in order to defeat Mucktorok you can use different attacking strategies.

Firstly, you can use ranged attacks like selecting Splash Fruit material to attach with your arrow to attack Mucktorok’s monster twice. Do this when the monster pops its head out to attack you.

After getting hit by your attack, it will stun the sludge monster leaving Mucktorok vulnerable. After that Mucktorok will start fleeing so go after him and attack him with the weapons of your choice.

On your first attack, Mucktorok will fall so you can take this opportunity to land some good strikes on him. Sword attacks are more effective so after you hit him with (8-10) strikes his head portion will inflate and he will float from there to evade you and summon back his monster using the sludge.

Secondly, the best trick to defeat Mucktorok is by going to Prince Sidon first, then envelope yourself in his blessing which will give you a spherical water shield as well.

Keep in mind that once you attack you will have to keep rotating to Prince Sideon to get this blessing back to follow up your attacks.

Then you can hit  Mucktorok’s monster with the sword attacks that will be imbued with this water defense making it a water attack. This will stun the monster and leave the physical Mucktorok open to your attacks.

Dodge the incoming attacks, keep repeating this attack pattern and you will be able to take out Mucktorok with relative ease in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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