How To Defeat Seized Construct Boss In Zelda: TotK

Seized Construct is the boss that awaits you in the Spirit Temple of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom as you reach this area in the Depths...

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a lot of unique main boss battles. To take down the temple bosses, Link needs to use the abilities of his partners, the future sages. The same is true for the Seized Construct in the Spirit Temple of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. You will go up against Seized Construct boss after completing all the Depots and finishing Mineru’s Construct as part of Guidance From Ages Past main quest.

The fight with the Seized Construct in Zelda TotK takes place inside a gloom-infested room of the Spirit Temple. Unlike other temples, Spirit Temple is basically just this one boss fight without any puzzles.

Make sure you are aptly prepared to take down this construct-gone-rogue. Prepare a lot of meals with Sundelions to restore your broken hearts. Unlock all Great Fairy Fountains and upgrade your best defensive armor before you proceed with this fight.

Seized Construct attacks and weaknesses

Seized Construct is one of the main bosses and has a lot of weapons in its arsenal. From using its long arms as a whip to hitting Link with lasers from afar, Seized Construct can destroy Link with just a couple of attacks if you are not fully prepared.

I found out the hard way that the Seized Construct is invulnerable to any physical or ranged attacks. No matter which weapon I used, I was unable to damage the boss. The only way to deal any damage is to push the Seized Construct into the barbed wires, with electric current, placed around the arena.

How to defeat Seized Construct in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The boss battle with the Seized Construct in Zelda TotK takes place in two phases. Here is a detailed breakdown of both phases and how to approach them.

Phase 1

During its first phase, Seized Construct will charge Link and try to make him drop to the floor. Block his whiplash and slam attacks with your shield to push it back. There are a lot of cannons and spiked balls available inside the arena.

Fuse a cannon to one arm of your construct and a spiked ball to the other. Try to keep as much distance as possible from the Seized Construct. Hit it with a charged cannon attack.

This will stun-lock the Seized Construct for a minute. Go near it and start hitting with the spiked ball. Make sure to hit the Seized Construct at least 4 times. This will push it back into the electrocuted barbed wires surrounding the arena.

Seized Construct will lose a sizable chunk of its health and allow you to land a couple of more physical hits, that now do a lot of damage. The Seized Construct will fly and try to get behind Link. Block his attacks and repeat the exact same strategy.

If you fail to deliver 4 hits after stunning the Seized Construct, it will regain consciousness and you will have to repeat the process all over again.

Phase 2

Halfway through the boss fight in Tears of the Kingdom, the Seized Construct will go berserk and enter its second phase. It will grow two more arms from its shoulder sockets and start using charged laser attacks, that can deal a great amount of damage. Keep moving through the arena and target lock the Seized Construct.

Use your cannon to stun lock it once more. Hit the Seized Construct multiple times to push it back into the electrocuted barb wire. Repeat this strategy over and over again until the Seized Construct is defeated once and for all.

Keep an eye out for your health containers, as it is extremely easy to lose them after taking a hit. Without properly upgraded armor equipped, Seized Construct can damage 10 heart containers with just one strike. Use your cooked meals to replenish your health as soon as you take a hit.

Ignoring it can prove fatal and you have to go through both of its phases all over again. Defeating the Seized Construct in Zelda TotK will earn you a new Heart Container and unlock the Vow of Mineru, The Spirit Sage.

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