How To Open All Wind Temple Locks In Zelda: TotK 

Completing the wind temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom requires opening up five locks before you can fight the boss Colgera..

While completing the Tulin of Rito Village quest in Zelda TOTK, you’ll eventually reach the Wind Temple after Investigating the Storm Cloud above the Hebra Peak. When you reach the Wind Temple a short cutscene will start and a voice from the center of the Wind Temple will tell you that “you have to unlock the Wind Locks in the Temple”. We are here to help you achieve that objective and open all the wind temple locks in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

There are five wind locks on the Ark and their location will be updated when the short cutscene ends. Before unlocking any Wind Temple lock in Zelda TotK, make sure you have unlocked the fast travel point of the Wind Temple for easier navigation.

We found the easiest of the Wind Temple locks to be the one on the top right on 1F. Go right from the fast travel point and follow the objective marker.

How to open the First Lock on 1F on Wind Temple in Zelda TOTK

Once you cross the center, you will notice a lever on your left and an ice bar near it and on the right, you notice the wheel but without a lever. Grab the ice bar using Ultrahand and place it on the wheel on the right side of the wheel to turn it into a lever. Now pull this lever to open the door on your left and there you have your first lock of Wind Temple.

Use Tulin’s Gust of Wind to open the lock. The lock is a large fan powered by wind and Tulin’s Gust of Wind is the only way to unlock it.

tears of the kingdom wind temple lock

How to open the Second Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Wind Temple Lock on B1

The second lock is in the South from the Center of the Ark. The location of the lock is 1F but to reach there, you need to go inside B1 and from there you need to climb to 1F.

To reach the second lock on Wind Temple in Zelda ToTK, you have to face South from the center and go right. Keep walking until you reach the stairs and glide to the platform on your right, open the chest and claim the Large Zonaite.

From the platform, you will notice a moving canon and a square shape opening on the left side. The moving canon fires a laser that depletes Hearts and you can avoid it using Gust of Wind.

When you reach the window, you will receive the message Wind Temple B1. From here turn right, kill the enemies and glide over to the next side of the room. When you reach the stairs on the left, stop right there! Use the Ascend ability to reach the room above.

In the room above there are four circular-shaped large stones, two of them will be between the two flames and the other two are scattered in the room.

Remove one of the stones to reveal the chest and claim Captain I Reaper. Afterward, go South and take one Stone wheel with you using the Ultrahand ability. There is a hanging spear-type structure, attach two stone wheels on both sides and use Tulin’s Gust of Wind to make them rotate that’ll open the door on your right.

Enter through the door and climb up the floor to reach the room with the lock and an enemy. Kill the enemy and open the lock. Go back to the center of the Ark.

How to open the Third lock on B2 on Wind Temple in Zelda TOTK

The third lock is right below the center of the Wind Temple on B2. To reach there go to the same platform that you used for the last lock and this time go under the Ark rather than entering the window.

Doing so will take you under the Ark, use Tulin’s Gust of Wind to avoid falling. Kill the guardian and open the lock.

How to open the Fourth lock on the Upper Deck of Wind Temple

To unlock the fourth lock on Wind Temple, use the updraft in the center to glide in the air and once you reach the maximum height, use Gust of Wind to reach the platform right next to you. Open the metal door using Ultrahand and inside the door there will be lasers, make sure to avoid them and enter the first room you see after the lasers.

You will see the lock, open it using Gust of Wind and the fourth lock on Wind Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom will be opened.

How to open Wind Temple’s fifth lock

The fifth and last lock is on level B1 and to reach there, you have to go right from the center and glide towards the platform. From there you will notice a window blocked with ice on the left.

Glide over to the nearby ship to use it as a trampoline and once you reach the entrance, break the ice and turn right, kill the enemies and use Recall on the spinning tire-type structure. Using Recall will make the tire go backward and take you to the room on the other side.

Kill the guardian and break the large ice spear. Grab it using Ultrahand and place it between the spinning wheel and the stationary wheel. Doing so will open the gate to the last lock. Open the lock and you will have to go back toward the center.

Afterward, the moment Link interacts with the middle point, the middle door will open and the boss Colgera will appear. The objective will be updated and the last part of the quest Tulin of Rito Village will begin, and now you have to defeat Colgera in Zelda TOTK.

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