How To Unlock Water Temple Faucets In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

You need to open all four Faucets in the Water Temple to remove all of the sludge blocking your way in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Unlocking the Faucets at the Water Temple is one of those main objectives that you will have to clear in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The water temple is one of those dungeons that Link will come across as he progresses further into the story.

Furthermore, this Water Temple will be a part of the main quest in Tears of the Kingdom. This particular quest is known as Sidon of the Zora.

Since the water temple is filled with sludge so you can clean it using water. However, the faucets that circulate the water all around the Water Temple are clogged with large amounts of Sludge.

Therefore, you will be tasked with opening all four faucets so that the incoming water can remove those loads of sludge. As this problem has been constantly plaguing Zora’s domain in Totk.

How to unlock all the Water Temple Faucets in Zelda: TotK

Firstly, you need to interact with the Zonia Pedestal in order to activate the terminal in Zelda: Totk. This way you will get a glimpse of all the four faucets that you need to unlock.

The locations of these four water temple faucets are displayed on the map below.

Water Temple Faucet map locations in Tears of the Kingdom

Water Temple Faucet (1)

From the terminal location, if you move towards the left end and jump down at the end of the ledge, you will need to glide towards the path below. This place will be known as the Water Temple section B1 and upon gliding there you see a fiery entrance on the left.

On closer inspection, you will find the entrance being blocked by a large fire gate through which you cannot go easily. So you can turn to Price Sidon next and apply his skill by pressing the option lets go.

This way you will be enveloped in a circular water shield. Then you can pass through the fire wall without getting damaged in Zelda: Totk.  

Once you go inside you will see a cubic rock that you can use the ultra hand on it which works similarly to stasis to levitate it and place it on the switch on the right. This will then close the fire wall allowing Prince Sidon to enter as well.

Now if you move towards the left end you will find a lot of spikes on the floor below with some other rocks that will act as portable- platforms as well. So you can simply use your glider to paraglide towards the other side of the room.

Once you reach that side you will find an orb there. So you can use Ultra Hand on one of the (cube) platforms to float. Then you can use this ability on the orb as well and attach it to that particular floating cube.

After that, you need to levitate them towards the front side and there you will need to carefully place the ball into the hole in Tears of the Kingdom.

Keep in mind that this needs to be done while you are also activating the platform as well. So after you complete this successfully, you will end up gaining access to the room with a water wheel in Zelda: Totk.

So all that remains is for you to equip yourself with Prince Sidon’s water skill and after you are enveloped in it you can simply proceed to attack the wheel.

Since that water wheel is connected to the temple faucet (1) after you strike it, there will be a short animation where you will see that it will unlock the Water Temple Faucet (1) in Zelda: Totk.

Water Temple Faucet (2)

Water Temple Faucet 2 pathing in Tears of the Kingdom

After unlocking the temple faucet (1) you can go back the way you came but this time when you go up the stairs you can jump towards the right end. Then you can glide towards the large water basin. There you can use Ascend to go to the upper level next in Zelda: Totk. Once you get there, you will find some large rocks that will serve as pathways so jump on these and then use glide to reach the last one.

After that, you will come across a place with a large arrowhead. This place will be littered with sludge so avoid stepping on it.

Then you need to make your way to the machine on the right side which is covered in sludge. As usual, you can equip yourself with Sidon’s skills. After that, you can use your attack to remove the sludge from that particular machine.

Then you will observe a ball on the left side in the water so you can use Ultra hand to bring that ball to the machine you just cleaned. As soon as you bring the ball near the machine it will cover the ball in a large water coating.

After which it will levitate to the upper portion. So you can follow it by jumping on the machine, getting in a water bubble, and floating after it to the upper level.

There you can jump out and make your way toward the right side to collect Chuchu jelly and you will see some cube-type rocks there as well. Use your stasis ability to guide them and place them on the stone tablet which will have two large pillars on each end, in the middle.

This way the water balance next to the switch will lower allowing the ball to land on the hole in the middle.

After this, the gate on your right will open revealing another water wheel. So as usual you can equip Sidon’s skill and then proceed to attack the water wheel to unlock the Water Temple Faucet (2) in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Water Temple Faucet (3)

Once you have unlocked the temple faucet (2) you can then proceed right through the stairs and then glide to the open space below. Make your way to the large water globule machine and there you will find a Strong Zonaite Spear (x6). Similarly, you can use Ultra hand ability and fuse the water bubble with your Zonaite Spear in Zelda: Totk.

Aim it on the blocked drain above. Once the water starts falling from that drain you can jump and glide towards this waterfall.

Then link can swim up the stream and reach the place above. There you can glide again to the broken rocks and find another orb engulfed in a water globule in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

So this time you can use the ability to Recall and enter the water globule. Then you can float upwards and exit the water globule to proceed to find the gear on the right side next.

If you look under the gear area you will find two large slabs there. Use Ultra hand to select one of these slabs and fuse it with one of the parts of the gear and do the same thing with the other slab as well.

Then you can grab one end of the gear with these slabs and rotate it after which the gear will start turning automatically in Zelda: Totk. Then you can go left and see that there is a gap between the power devices.

So to solve this issue you can use the same water globule with the orb in it that you found earlier and place it between that space.

It will act as a conductor and connect both the power devices after which the door on the left will open.

As usual, you will find another water wheel so use Sidon’s skill to coat yourself in a water circle and then proceed to attack the water wheel. This in turn will unlock the Water Temple Faucet (3) in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Water Temple Faucet (4)

Water Temple Faucet 4 pathing in Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock this last temple faucet you can go past the gear area and jump from the edge on the right side. Then you can glide towards the broken pathway in Tears of the Kingdom.

From there you can jump to the upper side and find Blue Chuchu’s above to get the blue Chuchu jelly as well from there. In that area, you will also face off against two Captain Constructs. These are irritating foes so deal with them first.

After that, you can jump on the large cube stone and then jump to the other broken rock next. If you look up you will see a rotating device.

So you can jump and time your attack by using Chuchu jelly paired with an arrow to release a water attack.

This attack will result in cleaning that rotating device of sludge and once it is cleared you will observe inside it. So now you need to fire an arrow on the switch.

Once it hits the switch the water level around you will lower and you will be able to find the water wheel there as well.

So you can use Prince Sidon’s skill to imbue yourself with a water defense and target the water wheel with a sword attack.

This will result in a cutscene where you will find that the Water Temple Faucet (4) has been unlocked in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Moreover, the water will start flowing immensely through all the faucets and remove large quantities of sludge as well. After this Prince Sidon will applaud your effort and you will be tasked with using the central device next in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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