How To Defeat Queen Gibdo Boss in Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Queen Gibdo, also known as the Scourge of the Lightning Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, is the final boss of “Riju of Gerudo Town” main quest. After defending Gerudo Town against the sudden invasion of Gibdos, Link and Riju fall upon a mural puzzle that promises to take them closer to the secret shroud they are searching for.

Solving the Mural puzzle reveals the hidden Lightning Temple, which is the hideout of Queen Gibdo, who is responsible for the Regional Phenomena in Gerudo.

Gerudo Desert is the harshest area in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Make sure to acquire both Heat Resistant and Cold Resistant armor before approaching this area. You can also cook Heat and Cold resistant Elixirs.

We found Queen Gibdo to be one of the strongest bosses in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and she hits like a truck. Cook a lot of foods with health-restoring capabilities. Make sure you have completed plenty of shrines before you start this quest so you have enough Heart containers.

How to beat Queen Gibdo in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The fight with Queen Gibdo takes place in three phases. One before entering the Lightning Temple and the next two phases after reaching its top. Queen Gibdo will appear as soon as Link clears the Purple Flower blocking the entrance of the Lightning Temple.

Before fighting the Queen Gibdo boss, we went ahead and acquired the Master Sword so we recommend you do the same.


Phase 1

This is an introduction phase, and all the damage we dealt to Queen Gibdo was negated. But the same can’t be said for Link. Be extra careful not to use a lot of recovery items in this fight. Use Riju’s Electric Field ability to hit Queen Gibdo with a devastating arrow shot. The resulting shock will remove her armor and expose her molten skin.

Queen Gibdo is vulnerable to physical attacks in this state, but she will retaliate with tornadoes. Don’t attack Queen Gibdo from the front or go beneath her as she will slam her body on the ground before the next attack. Take out the Master Sword and start chipping away at her health.

As soon as her health is dropped to 80%, Queen Gibdo will retreat and flies away to the top of Lightning Temple. Now is your cue to enter the Lightning temple and complete its puzzle where you need to charge batteries.

Phase 2

Upon charging all 4 batteries in the Lightning Temple in Zelda TotK, Link and Riju will be able to reach the top of the tower and face Queen Gibdo one last time.

Her second phase is like the first one. Queen Gibdo will once again appear with full health and body armor. The objective here is to take down Queen Gibdo’s armor with the help of Riju’s Electric Field ability.

How to beat Queen Gibdo in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Make sure to hit her as quickly as possible once she is inside the electric field. Otherwise, she will charge attack Riju, disrupting her electric field in the process.

After we managed to remove Queen Gibdo’s armor, her white molten skin appeared from underneath. She is vulnerable to every kind of attack in this phase. Get close to Queen Gibdo while avoiding the tornadoes and her slam attack. Use Master Sword to target her limbs.

She will collapse after taking multiple hits at once. This is your best chance to target Queen Gibdo’s face and dish out massive damage.

Keep repeating this process until her health depletes halfway. At this point, a new cutscene will start and Queen Gibdo will call her minions to her aid.

Phase 3

Four pillars with purple flowers will appear in the corners of the room. They will start spawning flying Gibdos to help their Queen. The fight at this point will turn extremely hectic.

How to beat Queen Gibdo in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In our experience, the best way to handle this phase was to target purple flowers on all 4 pillars first. You can use Riju’s Electric Field ability or Bomb Arrows (arrows fused with bomb flowers) to destroy them instantly. These pillars are also blocking the sunlight, which is Gibdo’s bane, from entering the room. Use the now unlocked pillars of light to protect yourself from approaching Gibdos.

Keep an eye on Queen Gibdo and try to avoid her attacks in the meantime. Take down all the flying Gibdos and no more will respawn after destroying the purple flowers. It is all easier said than done and you will be get hit multiple times during this phase.

zelda totk defeat queen gibdo

Equip any armor that you have fully upgraded with the help of Great Fairies, to reduce the amount of damage taken.

The next part is easy, and you just need to follow the guidelines of the previous phase. Keep hitting Queen Gibdo with Riju’s Electric Field ability and then chip away at her health slowly. You will be able to take her down in no time.

Reward for defeating Queen Gibdo

Defeating Queen Gibdo will reward Link with an additional Heart Container and Sage Riju’s avatar. Link has now made a Vow with Riju, Sage of Lightning, which will allow him to use Riju’s Electric Field ability any time he wants.

Riju of Gerudo Town main quest will also end with the defeat of Queen Gibdo. This also marks the end of Regional Phenomena main quest (we once again recommend attempting the Lightning Temple only after finishing the other three, or at least Fire and Water Temples).