Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

Technique weapons are for dexterity builds.

Technique-centered builds in Lies of P rely on quick attacks and graceful movements for the most part, focusing on precise play to be appropriately rewarded. Whether you go for Motivity or Technique, you need to have the right type of weapon in Lies of P that scales with your build style.

Weapons in Lies of P scale with all 3 main stats so it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for Technique. To make the selection process easier, here are 5 of our picks for the best Technique weapons in Lies of P to spice up your experience in your journey through the city of Krat.

5. Trident of the Covenant

Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

A personal favorite and one that I used till the end of my first playthrough, Trident of the Covenant is a very flexible and deceptively strong Technique weapon despite being an early-mid game weapon. You can obtain this by exchanging the Twisted Angel’s Ergo, obtained by killing Fallen Archbishop Andreus. Exchange the ergo with Alidoro to get the boss weapon.

Beyond a great mix of powerful thrusts and range, Trident of the Covenant also boasts low whiff recovery. This is especially true for its running R2 stab, which has great gap-closing properties and recovers quickly to where you can disengage from the enemy without risking your neck.

Going for a hit-and-run style is very viable here, but you can also chain together decent combo strings. To top it off, the weapon also has a high innate Critical Strike effect, bolstering its DPS since one in every 3 hits is always a crit. Having rocked this weapon throughout the game, the ratio of critical to non-critical strikes was surprisingly high.

What’s more, the Fable arts of the Trident of the Covenant are quite versatile too. The Link Rush Stab is a fantastic gap-closing whiff punisher, though the recent changes to hyper armor for Fable Arts make this a decent last-ditch overpowering attack to net a stagger to turn the tide on the opponent.


The other Fable Art, Guard Parry, only takes one Fable Guage but deals very significant damage. What’s more, even if you mistime it or accidentally just parry air, no need to worry, the gauge is only used up if the parry was successful, making it quite an excellent comfort pick to carry you through Lies of P.

4. Salamander Dagger

Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

Salamander Dagger is an early-game weapon that you can grab from the Workshop Union Entrance area. This weapon is very good on account of its fast moveset and innate Fire elemental damage. The Charged attack being so fast with such little recovery time makes this weapon very good at generating stagger damage.

The fire damage on Salamander Dagger in Lies of P makes this an ideal Technique weapon for Carcass encounters, especially when going through the Path of Misery and St. Frangelico Cathedral.

The Fable Arts are straightforward. Ignite temporarily increases the weapon’s fire damage, while Retreating Stab quickly stabs and disengages from an enemy.

3. Two Dragon’s Sword

Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

The fabled sword of the East, the Two Dragon’s Sword is the embodiment of the idea that a blade chooses its master, not the other way around. The Two Dragon’s Sword is obtained from Alidoro after you successfully defeat the Green Monster of the Swamp boss in Barren Swamp and exchange its Ergo with Alidoro.

Two Dragon’s Sword is an incredibly difficult weapon to master, but if you can, then this may well be the best Technique weapon in Lies of P.

Before going over the rest of the weapon, the core identity of the Two Dragon’s Sword lies in its charged R2 attack. Unlike most other R2’s, this one has quite some depth to it. An unheld or partially held R2 will simply lead to a retreating slash to disengage from the opponent, from which you can follow up with a light attack or heavy attack.

When you hold R2 completely though, your character will perform a triple slice motion, ending with a little flash, at which point you can let go to perform a heavy slash.

It’s relatively standard stuff so far, but the game-changer here is the small flash when the three slashing motions are done. If you time the moment this flash occurs with an incoming enemy attack, you will perform an automatic parry for some very good health and stagger damage. This parry is hard to pull off consistently, but when mastered, it’s essentially equivalent to a fable art without having an associated cost.

The rest of the weapon’s moveset is also rather intuitive. One thing I appreciate is how each slash of this light attack from this weapon slides a set distance, and you can alter the direction of this slide based on what direction on the left analog stick you are holding.

The Link Emergency Dodge Fable Art is a great evasive move to disengage and reposition, while also having a powerful finishing attack. The secondary Fable Art, Wind of Swords, shoots out a horizontal energy slash, dealing AoE damage to multiple enemies.

2. Dancer’s Curved Sword

Lies of P Best Technique Weapons

Despite being a Greatsword class weapon, the Dancer’s Curved Sword holds the benefit of sporting relatively high speed to its weight class while still maintaining a high base DPS and stagger damage threshold.

You can obtain Dancer’s Curved Sword Technique weapon from Rosa Isabelle Street. This weapon is quite a decent midgame pick, with a diverse move set that covers a lot of ground. Much like the Booster Glaive, the charged attack on this weapon lunges a large distance, but the windup on many key attacks isn’t as slow as other Greatswords.

The lunging aspect of Dancer’s Curved Sword’s charged attack is great for safely closing the gap between enemies. Or, in the case of bosses or elite mobs, getting a stagger while outside of their effective range so they don’t immediately start a string of their own.

I remember using this as my main weapon against the King of Puppets, and the re-positioning aspect of the weapon and its high gap closing / DPS were quite useful in exploiting the gaps in Romeo’s offense.

Making use of the Link Retreating Slash for great repositioning and going in for the final extension, when possible, as well as the alternate Guard Parry ability, makes it quite a versatile weapon. If you can give it an earnest try, you’ll likely end up holding this weapon in high regard for Technique builds in Lies of P.

1. Proof of Humanity

Unlike the weapons before, Proof of Humanity isn’t available until after you defeat the final boss of Lies of P. After the credits roll, you are offered the chance to immediately start a New Game+ run. Refuse it, and you will be back in Hotel Krat.

Go over to Alidoro (or Explorer Hugo if you completed the Alidor and Eugenie questline) and buy Proof of Humanity from him in exchange for the Nameless Puppet’s Ergo. While it won’t be helping you out on your first playthrough, Proof of Humanity is definitely the best Technique weapon to start a new playthrough of Lies of P.

The weapon sports an innate 30% Critical rate, just like the Trident of the Covenant before, but its Fable Art ‘Grind’ bolsters Critical Hit Chance further, making this weapon a pretty deadly health shredder.

What’s more, the recovery animation of Proof of Humanity is on the lower side while its charged attack is quite devastating, splitting the scissor sword in two and allowing for long multi-hit combo chains. This is especially relevant in its primary Fable Art, Link Slash, which chains together a series of devastating dual-blade attacks, shredding an enemy’s health and stagger gauge.

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