Where To Find Rookie Explorer Hugo In Lies of P

A new dog faced merchant.

Rookie Hugo Explorer, despite the name, is simply a merchant in Lies of P. Similar in appearance to Alidoro, Hugo has the same merchant inventory as the other guy so if you end up killing Alidoro, you don’t have to worry about missing out on items in Lies of P as Rookie Hugo Explorer can sell you the same things.

Lies of P Rookie Explorer Hugo location

You can find Hugo for the first time past the broken bridges of the Barren Swamp in Lies of P, where you can chat with him. His second position is right next to the closed gates of Hermit’s Cave, where he asks for your help, describing that he is inspired to be a treasure hunter like Alidoro but got stuck due to the locked gate.

If you continue to talk to him here, you’ll obtain the Old Cryptic Vessel and Alidoro’s Wanted Poster. Later down the story, if you end up choosing to kill Alidoro in the side quest trying to obtain The Story of a Stranger Girl trophy, Alidoro will no longer show up in Hotel Krat, but instead, it will be Hugo replacing him as the trader in Hotel Krat.

If you defeat the Namless Puppet, Hugo’s appearance will change, and he will wear Alidoro’s outfit, and his name will change to “Explorer Hugo.”

Rookie Explorer Hugo’s inventory

Since Alidoro is dead, Explorer Hugo is the person you need to go to if you want to exchange unique Ergos for boss weapons in Lies of P. As mentioned before, Hugo is just an alternate to Alidoro so they both have the same inventory available for sale.

Special Boss Weapons

Special Amulets

  • Dancing One’s Amulet
  • Extreme Modification Amulet
  • Conquering Amulet
  • Nameless One’s Amulet
  • Triumvirate Amulet
  • Arm of God Amulet
  • Ghost Walk Amulet
  • Impregnable Fortress Amulet
  • Awakened God’s Amulet
  • Piercing Hatred Amulet


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