Who Is Eugenie In Lies of P?

An orphan princess from the Far East perhaps?

Like every Soulsborne game, Lies of P is also pretty cryptic about the characters you meet in the game. You need to piece together their backgrounds and lore through conversations and other puzzles. However, Eugenie in Lies of P remains a mystery as there is very little information about her in the game.

Given how little there is to know about Eugenie in Lies of P, you might think she is simply a vendor with not much to know about her. However, there are clues to her past and her ties to other characters you meet in Lies of P.

Who is Eugenie in Lies of P

On the surface, Eugenie is just an NPC in Lies of P who can upgrade your weapons. However, as you progress in the game, it turns out that Eugenie is Alidoro’s sister. Although Eugenie doesn’t know that and thinks he is just some Stalker who saved her life and now considers him her hero.

While Eugenie might be working in the Hotel Krat Workshop, Alidoro is not so lucky and has his shop set up at the St. Frangelico Cathedral.

According to Eugenie, Alidoro had greatly changed from when they first met, as you see in Relic of Trismegistus Combat Field (Chapter X). When completing The Story of A Stranger Girl achievement, you’ll get to know more about who Eugenie from Lies of P is. For that, you specifically need to kill Alidoro and bring his cryptic vessel to Vengini to decipher.

After Vengini deciphers Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel, you can see that the vessel is a letter to Eugenie. It talks about Alidoro’s regret that he left without telling Eugenie anything. Alidoro explains that the Alchemists of Krat were chasing him because he discovered they had been involved in some experiments.


This led all the Alchemists to hunt Alidoro, so he had to leave to protect his sister. Alidoro further writes that Eugenie is, in fact, not her real name and that she comes from across the ocean, from land to the Far East. This is further solidified by Eugenie’s prominently Asian appearance as compared to every other character in the game.

Eugenie’s real name remains a mystery as well. The part where Alidoro wrote her real name was damaged, and so the letter became unrecognizable. However, judging by the ending cutscene of the game, it seems like the developers are making a Souls-like universe with fairy tale characters from classics like Wizard of Oz (Dorothy’s appearance at the end). She could be another character from some different children’s classics.

Another thing we know is that Eugenie was involved in an incident in Workshop Tower in Lies of P where Alidoro had saved her. This is also written in the letter you decipher. When you ask Eugenie about it, she will confirm it. Eugenie would never understand why her brother did what he did. Now, she is the only one left alive from her family.

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