Lies of P Motivity vs Technique Explained

Motivity vs Technique is an age-old rivalry formerly known as the battle of Strength vs Dexterity. We love both, so instead of deciding which one is better, we will be guiding you about the knowledge of both stats and what weapons/builds you can create around them.

Being an action RPG, Lies of P relies heavily on stats and how you upgrade them. These stats end up shaping the build you are aiming for to take down some of the hardest bosses in the game. While some stats are extremely simple and explain everything clearly, there are some that can create confusion. Motivity and Technique decide how a weapon will scale in the game but sadly, Lies of P does a poor job of explaining Motivity and Technique. 

This all seems a bit too technical and confusing, but we will make sure to explain both stats in Lies of P, Motivity and Technique in detail. If you have already invested your ergo in stats, there is nothing to worry about. You can always respec your character and continue following our guide.

Lies of P Motivity vs Technique differences

Like most of the games, Lies of P offers weapons based on their weight class. They can be categorized into Heavy, Medium and Light weapons. Their weight not only affects their attack power, but also changes their animation, stamina consumption and attack speed. All these weapons scale with different stats. 

Literally all the weapons in Lies of P, including boss weapons, only scale with Motivity and Technique stats. They also define how much of a damage a weapon will deal and how much faster will it get. Let us look at both stats separately.

What is Motivity in Lies of P

All the heavy and a lot of medium weapons scale brilliantly with Motivity stat in Lies of P. Motivity is like the Strength stat in other games which only affects the attack power of strong weapons. Weapons which belong to Greatsword and Large Blunt categories benefit from this stat the most. Motivity also increases your defense in Lies of P. The best combat style for motivity-based builds is the Path of the Sweeper.

What does Technique do in Lies of P

This stat affects Light and a small array of medium weapons, making it completely useless for Heavy weapons. Weapons from Rapier and Dagger categories in Lies of P benefit the most from investing in Technique stat. When you compare it to other games, it is just like the Dexterity stat and benefits the Dex players. It also increases the elemental damage output of weapons like fire and shock. For the technique build, you can’t go wrong with Path of the Bastard


Weapons that have equal scaling with both Motivity and Technique in Lies of P are called balanced weapons. Swords and Blunt weapons fall in this category, and they favor the balance combat style also known as Path of the Cricket.

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