Lies of P Path Of Misery Walkthrough

Path of Misery in Lies of P is the half-way point between Moonlight Town and St Frangelico Cathedral and you will encounter a new enemy here.

After dealing with The Atoned and leaving on the cable car out of Moonlight Town, you will make your way to Path of Misery in Lies of P. Path of Misery is a very small area with no boss encounters. It basically only serves as a connecting point between Moonlight Town and St Frangelico Cathedral.

Nevertheless, there are plenty of collectibles and loot items to find within the Lies of P Path of Misery area which is why we have prepared this walkthrough to help you out.

How to complete Lies of P Path of Misery

As you exit the cable car, take a quick right to pick up a Vivid Ergo Fragment. After that, activate the stargazer and follow the path into the town. As you move closer to the gate, a small cutscene will play out and introduce a new enemy type called Carcasses.

Lies of P Path Of Misery Walkthrough

These enemies are predictable but fast. At long ranges, they will perform a scream animation then quickly run to you and go for an attack. Meanwhile, at closer ranges they will tend to circle around you and wait before telegraphing an attack. They are locked to their dash animation so you can take advantage of that and charge an attack to intercept them.

In any event, after you kill the Carcass, move on ahead and into a little open hut to the right where you can pick up a Hidden Moonstone. After that return to the path and move forward where another Carcass roams. At this point, you have the choice to either continue forward or go right through the breakable cart.

Continue right for now since there isn’t any hidden loot from the right path, and both lead the same way. Walking forward you will encounter two more Carcasses. Kill them and enter the hut to the left to pick up Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool. Return to the path leading to the bridge, you will find a Radiant Ergo Fragment at the start of it.


Walk ahead and kill the Carcass that appears. As you walk on the bridge, it will eventually collapse and drop you down among a bunch of Carcasses. Kill them all and then take the left path onward and go past the big doorway.

Straight ahead, you’ll see a shambling Carcass and a stack of boxes next to a lamp. A Carcass is hiding behind the boxes, with an item lying on the ground next to it too. Kill both Carcasses and take the Sawtoothed Wheel, then follow the path to the right.

Entering the chapel

Shortly after, you will enter a small chapel with a one-winged angel statue. You can interact with the statue for some flavor text and right in front of the statue on the ground, is the Woman’s Prayer note.

Follow the doorway in the direction the angel statue is facing, but don’t go through it yet since there is a fire abrasive item on the ground to the left. After that, take the right open doorway in the Chapel and keep following it until eventually, you reach the NPC Giangio standing in front of a headless angel statue.

Lies of P Path Of Misery Walkthrough

Speak with Giangio and he’ll ask for a Gold Coin Fruit to hopefully develop a cure for the Petrification Disease plaguing Krat. He’ll give you Guillaume’s Ballad to explain details about the Gold Coin Fruit. Talk to him again and he’ll give you the Cube and Recovery Wishstone. The Cube uses Wishstones to grant P various buffs. Speaking to him a third time, he says he will move to St. Frangelico Cathedral.

After that, go behind the headless angel statue to find a treasure chest that holds the Belford Break Cartridge.

Now, simply return to the Chapel with the angel statue and this time, take the path directly in front of the statue. Open the door and a brief cutscene showing a fight between puppets and carcasses will play out. This is the final stretch, and the St. Frangelico Cathedral is right at the end of this path.

Kill all the Carcasses but be careful with the Elite Carcass in the distance. This one deals plenty of damage and chains together many slashes and unblockable attacks on top of decent poise. Apply small hit-and-run tactics and parry the unblockable if you can.

Once you kill the Elite Carcass, it will drop an Acid Cannister and some other drops such as a Star Fragment and a Dim Ergo Fragment.

Lies of P Path Of Misery Walkthrough

Depending where you killed it, either move ahead or backtrack to the middle of the bridge, and to the right you will see a railing between two angel statues, with a Dim Ergo Fragment lying on the ground in the middle.

With that done, make your way to the end of the bridge, but be sure to take a left just before the doors to the Cathedral so you can pick up an Attribute Purification Ampoule. Once you do, return to the path, and open the doors to the St. Frangelico Cathedral. You will find a Stargazer activation spot ahead and Giangio as well.

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