How to Get Golden Vow Ash of War in Elden Ring

Golden Vow is a handy Ash of War you can utilize during battles in Elden Ring. It allows the character and their allies to have a strong defense. It also provides the Sacred affinity, which adds Holy Damage scaling on all melee weapons. This guide will tell you exactly where to find Ash of War Golden Vow in Elden Ring, which rewards with the Golden Vow skill.

Where to Find Ash of War Golden Vow in Elden Ring

Golden Halberd, forged with gold and wielded by the tree sentinels, has the default skill of Golden Vow. It is dropped by defeating the Tree Sentinel just outside The First Step grace of site, in Limgrave, where you start out the game. If you don’t, you can get the skill by following the procedure below.

You can either get the weapon from Limgrave, where it is dropped by the Tree Sentinel. Otherwise, you can get the skill by collecting the Ash from Limgrave.

In order to find this Ash of War: Golden Vow, players must first head to the northern parts of Limgrave. There are plenty of locations here to find Ashes of War. Limgrave has over 20 of these ashes, and most of them are obtained from defeating different enemies and bosses.

The location of the Mounted Knight in Limgrave is provided in the map below::

After reaching there, players will find a lonely, armored knight mounted on a horse with a huge shield on his back on top of the cliff. Players will need to engage and defeat him. However, the fight will not be overly challenging, but if you are having a hard time, you can always call upon your reliable Torrent to help you out in the fight.

Once you have defeated the knight, you can claim the Golden Vow skill.

How to Use Golden Vow Ash of War

You can use the Ash of War by placing it into a secondary weapon that you barely use. Before engaging in a fight, just equip the weapon and use the skill which will grant buffs, and then again equip your primary weapon.

To cast it, you will require 40 FP. The buff lasts about 45 seconds which will help you in your barely scraping engagements.

How to Stack Golden Vow Ash of War

You can stack the buff with other similar buffs granting the same damage and defense properties. This will increase your damage significantly and also provide you with bonus defense.

Golden Vow Incantation grants the same buffs as the Golden Vow Ash of War. To use the incantation, you just need a Seal rather than a weapon and 47 FP to cast it. There is no chronological order to this, so you can cast however you like.

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