Lies of P Rosa Isabelle Street Walkthrough

The entertainment district and once the city of lights and laughter, Rosa Isabelle in Lies of P is nothing more than a blood-soaked reminder of human greed and cruelty.

Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P used to be the entertainment district before the puppet uprising and the uncanny disaster that followed. Once the heart of the civilization, this city of music and festivals is now full of dead bodies and their ashes. Rosa Isabelle Street becomes available after defeating Black Rabbit Brotherhood in the Malum District. However, it is not that easy to locate in the game. 

We will not only guide you through the perilous streets of Rosa Isabelle in Lies of P but will also let you know how to reach it. This area is full of mechanical abominations, so we recommend that you carry a shock weapon with you. There is only one instance where you will need a fire weapon, but it will still be totally optional.

How to find Rosa Isabelle Street Key in Lies of P

To reach Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P, you need to complete Malum District and find the secret path leading to Hotel Krat. Once you discover the path, go talk to Geppetto in his room on the second floor. He will tell you to meet Lady Antonia and get the Rosa Isabelle Street key from her. 

Talk to Antonia in her room on the ground floor (it is to the left of the butler) and Antonia will give you the Rosa Isabelle Street key in Lies of P. Go to the second floor once more and find the locked door in the Northwest corner. Once you interact with the door, you will automatically use the key and reach Rosa Isabelle Street entrance in Lies of P.

How to complete Lies of P Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance

From the Rosa Isabelle Street entrance in Lies of P, go straight and fix the Stargazer. Drop down and go north until you come across two puppets. Take them down and turn left. Climb the stairs to find Fable Catalyst. Beware of the ambush though. Turn left to find The Witch’s Tower and Princess poster.

Talk to the old lady in the window and agree to fulfill her request by bringing her a special wine. Turn back and go down into the alley to find a Cluster Grenade. Return and climb the stairs in the front to obtain Radiant Ergo Fragment.


Now return to the main streets of Rosa Isabelle. Continue your journey forward and defeat two puppets near the fire gate to obtain Crescent Moonstone. Turn back and enter an alley to the right. Interact with the glowing object to obtain Artist’s Doodle. Go across the bridge to enter the house.

House of Madness

The House of Madness in Lies of P is full of puppet maids and children. As you turn right, two joker puppets will jump at you using a suicide attack. Make sure to run away or kill them before they explode. This is usually a one-hit kill attack. Go outside, collect the sharp pipe, and lower the ladder.

Now return to the house and enter the room to the left. Drop down from the hole in the floor. Collect Special Report: Foreigner’s Confession from a dead body.

There are 4 puppet children in the next room and can be quite challenging to kill. Collect Vivid Ergo Fragment from the room and leave it from the opposite side. Now take the stairs to the upper floor and open the lock box to obtain Legion Plug. This will also allow you to unlock the shortcut door.

Go all the way down to kill 3 more maid puppets and collect Star Fragment from a barrel. Leave the house of madness and collect Resplendent Ergo Fragment from behind a destroyed coach. 

Return to the main street of Rosa Isabelle in Lies of P and go forward. There are three musketeers and four spring clowns in the area. Musketeers deal a lot of damage and follow you around. While the clowns throw bombs in a volley of three from a distance. Make sure to take them all down before moving any further. Open the treasure box at the end of the path to obtain Dancer’s Curved Sword Blade/Handle.

How to defeat White Lady boss in Rosa Isabelle Street

Now turn back and take the alley to your left. There is a massive arena with a dancing puppet in the middle. Once you interact with her, she will call upon her sister, White Lady. She is the main boss of this area and the final hurdle between you and Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert. 

White Lady is extremely fast and can destroy your stamina with her relentless Rapier attacks. This is the point where you will need a fire weapon as she takes a lot of damage from fire. The best way to fight her is by performing perfect guard against her and breaking her weapon. Don’t initiate the attack as she can break your weapons too and inflict massive punishment in return.

Take your time, read her moves, and always dodge to the right. Press the button while dodging to land a successful hit on her. Keep repeating until she becomes vulnerable to strong attacks. Take her down with a critical strike. This is a very long and nerve wrecking battle so make sure to upgrade your dodge and Pulse cells via P Core skills in Hotel Krat. Once you defeat her, the path to Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert will open in Lies of P.

How to reach Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

From the White Lady boss fight, turn left to find a now open gate. Climb the stairs and turn left to find Rosa Estate Incident, left as a mystery note. Follow the path and enter the area to the left. There is a Dim Ergo Fragment near the trees. Open the shortcut door and kill the red butterfly in this area to obtain Crescent Moonstone. Also, collect Dim Ergo chunk from the farthest corner of this small garden.  

Now return to the previous area and go straight to find another collectible behind the coach. You need to break the barrels on the left side of the coach to reach an Attribute Resistance Ampoule. From there, turn back and enter the alley to the right to reach the Rosa Isabelle Culvert Stargazer in Lies of P.

How to complete Lies of P Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert

From the Stargazer of Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert in Lies of P, turn right to find Julian, the Gentleman. He will ask you to recover something from his wife’s body on a street covered with flames. Drop down the ladder next to him to enter the sewers. There are three crawling puppets in this area who also attack with rocks from a distance. Go straight to find Gemini’s Emergency Protection

Turn back and enter the pipe opening to the left. Kill the remaining puppets in this area and proceed forward. There is a strong headless enemy in this area which can do massive damage. Defeat it to obtain a Star Fragment. Make sure to avoid the suicide puppet at the end of the tunnel.

Streets of Rosa Isabelle

Climb the stairs to the right to reach the cut-off part of Rosa Isabelle Street that you saw earlier. There are 3 maid puppets in this area. Don’t enter the small balcony to the left. There is a deadly ambush waiting for you with 2 suicide puppets. They can kill you in an instant making all the progress useless so far. 

Turn left and open the shortcut door to the Stargazer first. Also, collect Crescent Moonstone while you are at it. Go back now and collect Sawtoothed Wheel from the ambush area. Climb two sets of stairs to the right but make sure to keep your guard up. There is a musketeer on the top shooting at you.

Climb the stairs to the left and defeat both the suicide puppet and the musketeer to obtain Resplendent Ergo Fragment. There is a Special Purification Ampoule hiding behind red crates in the same area.

Path of fire

Defeat 2 more musketeers and 3 child puppets inside a small room to find a treasure box. Open it to find Arch Heavyweight Frame. Now go down and turn right to find a puppet in Black Dress lying on the side. Obtain the Engagement Ring from her body to deliver it to Julian the gentleman to obtain the Wedding Ring and Sad gesture.

Go up the stairs and turn right to find an Electric Blitz Canister. Get down and turn right to find the shortcut door. You can also pick up a Dark Moon Moonstone here to upgrade your boss weapons at Hotel Krat. 

Continue through the streets of Rosa Isabelle to find a puppet with a flame thrower. Now you will have to make your way up the street. Beware of the rolling boulder of flame on your way up. There are 6 more puppets on the road. Musketeers and Spring Bombers. Make sure to take them out before you engage in the next boss battle.

How to defeat Mad Clown Puppet in Lies of P

The final boss of Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P is both irritating and optional. Mad Clown Puppet extends its right arm to deliver an unblockable attack. If you try to close in to avoid the attack, he changes the attack on the fly and converts it into a short-range one. He also uses a slam attack with his belly after stepping backward. 

Read his moves and as always, an electric weapon is your best friend against puppet enemies in the game. Here is a pro tip, run past Mad Clown Puppet and unlock the next Stargazer. It is right next to where this boss was initially standing. This will save you a very long trek every time you lose the fight. Once the Mad Clown Puppet is dead, you can leave Rosa Isabella Streets and make your way to Estella Opera House in Lies of P.

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