How To Get All Boss Weapons In Lies of P

Want to bonk enemies with a big Blunt or destroy their ergo with a massive Greatsword? Look no further as we will help you obtain the most powerful boss weapons in Lies of P.

Boss weapons or special weapons in Lies of P are extremely powerful weapons that can only be obtained by defeating the bosses. These weapons can’t be disassembled like normal weapons and require different upgrade materials. You need to find a specific NPC in the game to buy these Lies of P boss weapons in exchange for the Ergo you obtain from major bosses. 

In this guide, we will look at all the boss weapons you can obtain in Lies of P and which NPC you need to find during the process. Before starting we like to recommend that you don’t worry about your upgrade materials and save them for boss weapons. These weapons use completely different upgrade materials. However, we strongly recommend that you don’t consume any boss ergo in the meantime.

Lies of P boss weapon locations

Boss weapons unlock a bit later in Lies of P. To unlock these powerful weapons, you need to reach St. Frangelico Cathedral library section. To reach this point, you must defeat three major bosses and obtain their unique ergo. Once you reach St. Frangelico Cathedral library, the next thing you need to do is to find Alidoro the hound.

Alidoro, the hound locations

Alidor is the NPC who exchanges boss ergo for their weapons. He is present at the top of the cathedral and the only way to reach him is through the study room in the library. From the stargazer, go left and cross the room with traps. Once you reach the top, pass the poison pool and enter the study room.

Here you will meet a strong enemy that spams the red attacks a lot. Defeat it and use the elevator to go to the roof. Here, you will meet Alidoro for the first time. 

Don’t lie to Alidoro and tell him about Hotel Krat. This choice will allow you to unlock boss weapons. You can exchange three boss weapons with him at this point since you only have three boss ergo.


Next time, Aldiro will be available in Hotel Krat, in a small hallway to the right of Lady Antonia’s wheelchair. He will once more move to Barren Swamp, and you get some more Lies of P special weapons from him. Once you obtain Golden Ergo, Alidoro will move back to Hotel Krat.

Lies of P Boss Weapons list

There are 10 special boss weapons in Lies of P that you can obtain from Alidoro by exchanging the corresponding boss ergo

  1. Seven-Coil spring Sword (Greatsword): You can acquire it by exchanging Parade Master’s ergo.
  1. Etiquette (Dagger): Becomes available in exchange for Scrapped Watchman’s ergo. 
  1. Holy Sword of the Ark (Greatsword): Exchange with King’s Flame Fuoco’s ergo. 
  1. Trident of the Covenant (Blunt): This is one of the best special weapons in Lies of P that can be exchanged for Fallen Archbishop Andreus’ ergo. 
  1. Puppet Ripper (Sword): You must obtain King of Puppet’s ergo to obtain this weapon. 
  1. Frozen Feast (Greatsword): Becomes available with Alidoro after obtaining Champion Victor’s ergo. 
  1. Two Dragons Sword (Sword): You need to defeat Green Monster to obtain his ergo to unlock this weapon. 
  1. Uroboros’ Eye (Sword): Once you defeat Laxasia the Complete at the Arche Abbey and obtain her ergo, you can exchange it for this boss weapon in Lies of P. 
  1. Noblesse Oblige (Large Blunt): Take down Simon Manus at the Ascension Bridge to obtain his ergo and use it to unlock this weapon. 
  1. Proof of Humanity (Sword): Once you refuse Geppetto’s offer to achieve any one of the good endings, he will unleash Nameless Puppet on you. Defeat this monster and obtain its ergo to unlock the Proof of Humanity special weapon in Lies of P. 

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