How To Build The Zombie Shield in Black Ops 2 Tranzit?

black ops 2 zombie shield

Black Ops 2‘s Tranzit throws relentless waves of zombies your way. While powerful weapons can clear the hordes, staying alive requires additional defense. This is where the Zombie Shield comes in – a deployable shield that absorbs attacks and provides temporary protection. This shield isn’t just a sturdy barrier; it offers tactical versatility. The zombie shield can be used for offense and defense in Black Ops 2.

The Shield only requires a hand trolley and a car door. Both items can be found in the Diner section of Tranzit. The items move around, so if you don’t find them in one place, you can check all the locations mentioned in the guide.

Hand Trolley

To get the hand trolley, enter the Diner through the main door and go behind the counter. You will find it either near the sink or in the space between stoves.

Car Door

The second way to the Diner is through the Garage, which is to the left of the Diner. You will find it in the car or on the table near the door.

Once you have collected both items, return to the random box room and go to the workbench behind it to build the zombie shield in Black Ops 2.

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