How To Get Golden Lie In Lies of P

Lying excessively can lead you to the Golden Lie.

With the wide range of weapons available in Lies of P, the secret weapon Golden Lie, tops them all. Golden Lie is a staff that ties itself with the real story of Pinocchio(from which Lies of P is inspired). It is a blunt weapon with a moderate physical damage of 94. Furthermore, it scales well with both Motivity and Technique.

Unfortunately, Golden Lie is unlocked near the end of Lies of P, which can make it more of a collectible than an actual usable weapon unless you start New Game Plus.

Lies of P Golden Lie location

The location of the Golden Lie weapon in Lies of P is quite simple: it is in a portrait. But the hard part is figuring out which portrait and how to get the weapon from the portrait. Short and simple, you can only get the Golden Lie if you are going with a “lying playthrough” of Lies of P. You basically have to tell as many lies as you can to gain Humanity if you want to get the Golden Lie weapon.

Now, the real task is to understand how to follow a specific path and way of playing so you can select all the right answers during conversations, aka lies, so that the secret weapon will be unlocked.

First, start off with getting the Portrait of a Boy. This painting is available in the Malum District. Go inside the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout and turn left as soon as you go in. Now turn right, and inside this tiny room, you can pick up the Portrait of a Boy.

How To Get Golden Lie In Lies of P

Once you have the portrait, take it to Geppetto in Hotel Krat and talk to him. After this conversation, you’ll get to hang it in the hotel.


Gaining Humanity for Golden Lie weapon

There are certain instances in the game where answering with a lie will give you humanity. Here are the ways you can increase your humanity and the order in which they appear in the game. Answer with a lie in every possible situation, and the nose of the kid in the portrait will grow.

Quest or ActionTaskAnswer (Lie)
Find my BabyComplete the Weeping Women’s quest found in the Elysion Boulevard area.She is a cute baby.
Ringing Phone Chapter 2Answer the ringing phone in Krat City HallHuman
Merchant Chapter 4Is first found in St. Frangelico Cathedral Library. If you don’t want him to follow you, you can lie to him.Venigni Works
Find my PartnerAfter killing the Corrupted Parade Master, go to Hotel Krat and talk to her.He was killed in battle
During Chapter 4In Moonlight town, find The Atoned and talk to him.Do Nothing
Return the Archbishop’s Holy MarkComplete Cecilie’s quest in St. Frangelico Cathedral.Pray
Ringing Phone Chapter 5Found in the Malum district.Candle
Find My Wife’s BelongingsComplete Julian’s quest in Rosa Isabelle Street.I saw the message she left, saying she loves you
After “Find My Wife’s Belongings” questGo to Hotel Krat and talk to PolendinaShow Wedding Ring
During Chapter 7Find and talk to Antonia in Hotel KratOf Course
Ringing Phone Chapter 7Grand Exhibition GalleryEgg
Boss Fight (Chapter 7)Defeat Champion Victor and Simon Manus will talk to you.Hope of a Cure
Ringing Phone Chapter 9Krat Central StationErgo
Ringing Phone endGo to any previous ringing phones.No
Visit AntonioIf you decide to give Antonio a cure, visit her to get a free boost in Humanity.
Find VenigniGo to Hotel Krat after defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss and talk to Venigni.I couldn’t hear
Talk to SophiaAfter defeating Laxasia on the Ascension Bridge, talk to Sophia.Give her Peace (this will change your hair colour which signifies you have enough humanity)
Last StepTalk to Geppeto in Arche AbbeyYes
Simon ManusDefeat Simon Manus in Arche Abbey and he will ask about SophiaI liberated her

As in the real story, the more lies told, the bigger the nose becomes. Luckily, in the game, this is reflected in the Portrait of the Boy and not your actual character. As you choose to tell more lies, the Golden Lie staff will become longer and longer, emerging from the portrait.

Lies of P Golden Lie

If you have told enough lies by the time you reach King of Puppets, you should be able to get the weapon from the portrait. If not, continue through the game and tell more lies. Eventually, you will unlock Golden Lie. If your hair color does not change after giving Sophia peace, that means you haven’t gained enough Humanity to get the weapon.

In that case, you need to listen to every Record you can find and then proceed to end the game. Get the Rise of P ending by refusing to give Geppetto your heart. Once the game ends, Refuse the option to enter NG+ and go back to the Portrait. You should be able to get the Golden Lie weapon now.

Golden Lie Fable Arts

The Fable arts of the Golden Lie are what makes it particularly useful in combat. Both of these are most effective during large crowd fights rather than in one-on-one battles. Since it is a special weapon, the Golden Lie can’t be disassembled to make other weapon combos.

Storm Attack: Three consecutive wide-range forward slashes are made.

Furious Golden Hits: Several long swings are made by holding the attack button, which can hit enemies rapidly in a crowd. This also acts as a defense, as during this attack, no one can approach.


Just like any other weapon, Golden Lie can also be upgraded with a specific cost and moonstones. There are a total of five levels, and all the levels have a stable upgrade in damage of 20. The durability of Golden Lie also increases to 109 until its last upgrade, which is also a plus.

+1+20 Physical Attack200 Ergo + 1x Dark Moon Moonstone
+2+21 Physical Attack230 Ergo + 2x Dark Moon Moonstone
+3+21 Physical Attack260 Ergo + 4x Dark Moon Moonstone
+4+20 Physical Attack320 Ergo + 1x Full Moonstone
+5+21 Physical Attack430 Ergo + 2x Full Moonstone

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