Lies Of P Ascension Bridge Walkthrough

Ascension Bridge in Lies of P is the final area that will test your patience and humanity to its full extent. Follow our guide to prove your worth and save the city of Krat and its residents.

Ascension Bridge is the final area in Lies of P which you can access after completing a portion of Arche Abbey. This massive bridge leads you to your ultimate goal, defeating the source of the scourge, Simon Manus once and for all. All the choices that you have made and the lies you have told will play a significant role in shaping your destiny at this point.

In this guide, we will take you on one final journey through Krat, go through Ascension Bridge, and finally conquer the tower and its ruler in Lies of P. Make sure that you have upgraded your Legion Arm, Weapons and Handles from Hotel Krat before starting this journey.

How to complete Lies of P Ascension Bridge

Ascension Bridge is a massive area in Lies of P and for that purpose, we have divided our guide into sections detailing everything.

Last Story of Sophia

Move straight past the Stargazer and open the large door. Upon doing so, a small cutscene will play out and you will find Sophia in the middle of the room, bound to a chair in not the best of conditions.

Sophia will implore you to take her life and end her plight. At this point, a dialogue choice will present itself. For story purposes, the choice you make will be up to you, but I would recommend you pick the choice ‘Give her peace.’

After that, another small cutscene will play out. If your humanity is high enough at this point, P’s hair will change color as a result. You will also receive the Entreat Gesture and you can walk up to the chair Sophia was bound to claim the Shadow Flower record.


Later on, after you finish the game and defeat Nameless Puppet, instead of starting NG+ go to Hotel Krat and pick up the letter on Geppetto’s desk. This is the Last Story of Sophia in Lies of P and unlocks The Story of the Blue Butterfly achievement.

Now back to the current situation, take the path to the right of the chair and follow it to the end. You will end up in a dining room and if you turn right here you will see another room which you can enter to claim a Half Moonstone from the table.

Backtrack to Sophia’s chair and take the left path this time. Keep going and you will find yourself climbing a flight of stairs. This staircase will lead out into a ruin with two Carcasses waiting.

Journey through the ruins

One of them is a rapier user who will be hiding behind a pillar to the right, while the other is a firebreather. Focus preferably on the fire-breather and deal with the sword one. Be careful though since an Elite Electric manipulator Carcass which manipulates electricity up ahead will enter the fray too if you rush ahead. This one has high durability and range as well as melee attack capabilities. Take the puppets out one at a time with patient tactics.

After killing them all, move straight ahead until you see a fire-breather puppet. Kill it and look to the right, where you will see an empty lift. Ignore this one and move forward where you will see another lift, but with an item lying on the ground.

Enter this lift and pick up the Full Moonstone of the Covenant. Turn around and go through the path and turn left from the fiery light source hanging in front to find a Stargazer activation spot.

Activating the next Stargazer

After activating the Stargazer, go forward and turn right. From this room, circle around to the right of the pillar in the middle to find a circular staircase going up. Take these stairs and you will end up in a room with a staircase to the left and another room in front of you. Enter this room and at the right end of it you can pick up a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Now exit the room and take the stairs up. At the top of the stairs, you will end up behind a Rapier Carcass with its back turned to you. Be sure to kill it quickly since another Rapier Carcass is roaming the path to the right. After killing them, pick up the Half Moonstone near the railing the Rapier Carcass was overlooking.

Now take the path to the right and once you enter the large library, turn right, and go straight for a bit. Turn right again just before the stairs and pick up the Dim Ergo Crystal from the ground. Take the stairs up and fight the Rapier Carcass and Fire Breather Carcass duo.

After killing them, pick up the Special Resistance Ampoule near the bookshelves to the left. Go straight from here and near the staircase, and pick up the Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant. Now descend the stairs and go into the room in front where a Treasure Chest is guarded by an Asylum patient Carcass. Kill it and open the chest to acquire a Quartz.

Clearing the area

To proceed through Ascension Bridge in Lies of P, leave this room and take the left path where you will descend a set of stairs again. On the way down, you will encounter another Rapier Carcass.

Kill it and proceed further down. At the base of the stairs, as you move forward, another Rapier Carcass will be waiting. Kill it and walk to the cauldron in front to pick up a Fable Catalyst to its left.

Now turn back and take the doorway to your right near some boxes. Here you will descend as you follow the path and face off against two Fire Breather Carcasses. Avoid the broken floor spaces and move forward, to the stairs leading up.

Along this path, you will face off against an Elite Electric Manipulator Carcass. After killing it, move down the hall and look for an opening to the left which leads to a ladder. Take the ladder up and you will see a plank in front leading to the other side.

Before that, walk to the left just before the plank. Pick up the Full Moonstone of the Covenant lying on the ground. Now cross the plank and follow the path that will put you on a flight of stairs going further up. You will then enter a new room. Take a left here to pick up Gemini’s Emergency Protection, then turn around and go straight.

Stick to the right here since the path ahead is a little broken and these planks are your only way across. There is also a Gun Carcass shooting projectiles at you here so if you have a ranged attack/weapon, it’s ideal to kill it with that first.

In any event, walk the planks to the right of the wall, and shortly after, you will see a narrow plank that connects the right side of the wall to the left side. Walk on it carefully and you will be on the planks that lead you to the Carcass that was shooting at you. On this platform, you can pick up an Electric Blitz Abrasive.

Ascension Bridge Red Fox location

Turn around and proceed forward where another Gun Carcass will be shooting at you. Kill it and to the right of where it was standing while shooting, you can pick up the Cat Dust item. Then backtrack to the plank that led you to this Carcass and at the end of this plank path, you can pick up a Special Purification Ampoule.

Now cross the plank that led you to the second Carcass again and go through the door to find a ladder to the left. Climb it and follow the stairs to encounter another Rapier Carcass blocking your path. Kill it and go through the doorway ahead.

From here, take a right and enter the small room to pick up a Full Moonstone. There is also a lift in this room which you can ride to open a shortcut to the Stargazer. After doing so, take the lift back up and proceed down the hallway where you will eventually climb some stairs.

After climbing the stairs, you can see the character Red Fox standing in contemplation. Go up and talk to her. If you have followed her questline thus far, you will be prompted to give her a Gold Coin Fruit and avoid a battle. If you haven’t, be ready for a Stalker boss battle. Either way, you will obtain the Red Fox Mask accessory after this encounter ends.

How to defeat Red Fox in Lies of P

Just like typical Stalker bosses, Red Fox also follows the trend of being a swift and evasive opponent. What you need to watch out for are her unblockable red attacks, of which she has two variants. The more dangerous one is where she spins sideways in position for a bit and winds up her sword. She then immediately performs a heavy slash but the red hue on her remains.

This is how you can tell that the attack is not over, and a flurry of additional blows is coming shortly. You can time a perfect guard on these with moderate difficulty. Just avoid trying to poke her as she will avoid interruption for the duration of this attack.

The second unblockable has extraordinarily little windup and is a double slash. She will normally do this at mid-range as a gap closer. Watch out for those attacks and a few other unconventional moves in her arsenal and eventually you will win.

Meeting Geppetto on Ascension Bridge in Lies of P

After defeating her, the doorway in front will open automatically, so get through that door and walk straight to the end of the hall where you can pick up Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool. To the right here, you will find Geppetto in an unlockable cell so open it up and speak to him. He will urge you to stop Simon and lament the situation so far. He will then ask you if he was a trustworthy father to you.

At this point, a dialogue prompt will pop up. Pick ‘Yes ‘to gain some humanity for the sake of a good ending.

After the dialogue ends, Geppetto will give you the Arche Abbey Passageway Key. Exit the cell and take the first left when backtracking a bit. The door in front can be unlocked with the key you just received. Go through and follow the path to the right and take the ladder upwards.

Take a left up here and you can activate a Stargazer just ahead as well as walk a little further to pick up a Sharp Pipe from the ground.

Arche Abbey passageway

After resting at the Stargazer, scale the wall to the left and follow this narrow path. Keep going straight until you reach the second open wall to the left. Before you enter though, walk a little further ahead and you will see a Treasure Chest ahead, separated by a small broken gap.

Jump forward to scale this gap and open the Chest to receive the Assassin’s Amulet. Now just jump back and turn right into the gap in the wall.

Keep going straight in here until you encounter an Asylum patient Carcass. Kill it to progress further and once you reach the end of the hall, take a right turn where a Rapier Carcass will be roaming. Best to kill it quickly since another Rapier Carcass is also roaming in the hall ahead and will join the fight shortly.

After killing them both, move straight and into the hall on the other side and follow it till you encounter a Fire Breather Carcass. Kill it and a little further in you will encounter another Fire Breather Carcass blocking your way. After disposing of it, a few steps ahead you will find an Acid Canister on the edge to the right.

Follow the path and go up the stairs. Another Rapier Carcass will appear so kill it quickly and keep moving till you reach the top of the stairs. A little ahead and to the right you can activate a switch that will drop a ladder down, opening a shortcut to the Stargazer.

Reaching the next Stargazer

While taking the ladder normally will take you to the Stargazer, you will want to roll onto the roof below here instead. You will take some fall damage so make sure you have more than half health. On the roof, move forward to the glowing item and pick it up to receive a Star Fragment. Then move forward and drop down next to the Stargazer.

After resting, take the ladder shortcut upwards and follow the path to the end. Gemini will pass a comment here. Turn sideways towards the last pillar to the left and go past it to find an Advance Crank on the ground. Now turn to the right and go along the Metal path connecting the two opposite ends. Follow this path up a series of stairs and at the end, take a right turn.

Go straight ahead and you will encounter a Brute Carcass. Be careful of the poison cloud it spreads and stick to dodging to the side rather than away from this opponent since his punches cover a lot of distance. Killing it will grant you a Quartz.

Move ahead and eventually the tiles filling the floor will end and you must cross the metal beams. Carefully scale these to get to the other side, then take a left through the doorway. Up ahead, a roaming Rapier Carcass will encounter you. After killing it, turn right and go down the path the Carcass emerged from to find a Treasure Chest which contains a Legion Caliber.

Finding Simun Manus on Ascension Bridge

Turn around and take the path to your right that leads to a view of the outside. Turn left here and pick up the Dim Ergo Crystal to the right on the Ascension Bridge in Lies of P. Take the stair pathway across and after the second stair ramp, you will encounter a Rapier Carcass. Kill it and the nearby Gun Carcass, then go through the path on the left.

Turn right here and move forward but keep an eye on the right as you cross the small stairs. You can find an Acid Abrasive on the ground here. Pick it up and continue forward, turning right to exit this narrow space. Immediately turn right here so you can pick up the Balance Crank on the edge.

Now turn around and keep moving forward till you pass a small door that leads you into a small chapel with rows of seats to the right. Walk straight through the doorway in front of you and pick up the Vivid Ergo Fragment to the right. Now go back in the room and walk up to the altar to pick up the item ‘So Said Pistris III.’

Now turn left and follow the stairs here. At the top of the stairs, turn right and a Stargazer will be present. Activate it and take the path behind the stargazer that leads to a terrace. At the end of this terrace on a small table, you can pick up ‘Simon Manus’s Confession.’ Walk up the stairs and keep going straight to begin the boss Battle.

How to defeat Simon Manus, Arm of God in Lies of P

Simon Manus is the main boss of Ascension Bridge in Lies of P. For the first phase, be careful since Simon tends to go for wide, horizontal swings with his mace. Rather than roll away, roll into him, and get out of his effective range. He also has an unblockable jump attack which he starts by lightly slamming the ground with his mace and then leaping up immediately.

After a short delay, he will propel himself toward you and slam down on the ground. Staying right under him and dodging in the direction opposite to this is preferable since mistiming a perfect guard here would be very fatal. Other than that, there are some special hammer attacks but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Second phase

The second phase is where the fight truly begins. Simon’s will start chaining more attacks together, as well as gaining a significant range boost. The ephemeral body sprouting from within him will also telegraph some attacks and perform spells alongside his main body’s attacks. These include a ranged shockwave, ergo particle bombs that explode after a short delay.

Golden light projectiles build up the Disruption status effect, which he will shoot as a volley one by one while moving sideways, or as a single wave while he simultaneously jumps back. He will also wave his hammer in the air for a few seconds sometimes to charge up a heavy strike. This is followed by an area of effect explosion occurring after a short delay at the point of impact.

One special attack worth mentioning is the summoning ritual of sorts he performs. The ephemeral body will clench its hand and raise it before bringing it back down, now with a blue glow in its palm. Simon will swing his hammer and the arm will slam the ground before both hold onto the hammer and raise it in the air.

A small quake will occur and now periodically a hand will descend from the sky and touch the ground. This will create a large shockwave. A light pillar will indicate where the hand will descend so reposition yourself away from there before it is too late.

Find the gaps in his offense and whittle away at his HP while avoiding heavy trades. Do this and eventually, victory will be yours. This also completes the Ascension Bridge area in Lies of P and you can now return to the Upper Part of Arche Abbey.

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