Lies of P Best Weapon Combos

Create the wildest weapons you can imagine.

One of the unique features of Lies of P that sets it apart from other Soulslike games is weapon assembly. Disassembling weapons into the blade and handle parts and then combining them to create your unique weapon combos in Lies of P allows for great build diversity.

Since both the blade and handle come with their own Fable Arts, creating new weapon combinations in Lies of P allows players to mix and match Fable Arts that suit their playstyle. On top of that, weapon combos in Lies of P also allow for some interesting playstyles, like adding an elemental blade to a regular handle to create a long-range elemental weapon.

While boss weapons can’t be disassembled to create new weapon combos, there are plenty of other weapons for you to try out and decide which combo works best for you. To help out with that, we have detailed some weapon combos that we consider the best in Lies of P.

1. Salamander Dagger Blade + Acidic Spear Handle

Salamander Dagger Blade and Acidic Spear Handle are a perfect weapon combination of quick flame attacks. Salamander Dagger Blade is a great blade when used for fire-based attacks as it increases Fire Damage and comes with the special Fable Art called Ignite.

The Acidic Crystal Spear Head improves attack rate since the combat changes into spear-style fighting involving quick stab attacks. This is followed by its fable art of Single Stab which further improves on it. When lit on fire – the Spear-Fire blade would damage the enemy with quick bursts of fire damage.

2. Bone Cutting Sawblade + Military Shovel Handle

Sometimes, one must keep one’s enemy at a distance. Nobody likes their private space to be invaded, and if you are one of them this one is for you. This combo of weapons will greatly increase your range in the attacks. The Bone Cutting Sawblade is already a long enough blade, and when assembled with the Military Shovel Handle, you’re basically fighting with a large pole.


But don’t let its look deceive you; it may be long and keep your enemies at a distance, but this weapon is also good at dealing high damage and has a good move-set. Sadly this weapon combo’s main strength happens to be its drawback as well. Due to its size, the weapon’s attack speed is a little bit slow and may hit the surroundings if tried to let’s say, try to do an arc attack in a narrow area. You will be obtaining Link Chop and Alter as its Fable Arts.

3. Big Pipe Wrench Head + Police Baton Handle

One of the best weapons combinations that we could make in Lies of P. This weapon is a high DPS. It also has about 74% damage reduction, so it can be as defensive as offensive. Combined with the Krat Police Baton Handle, the damage is boosted by a whopping 70%. You would be capable of one-shot a good sum of monsters with it.

Its fable art, Strike Chance, further buffs the damage of the weapon, and Patient Smash can bring down even larger enemies to their knees.

4. Pistol Rock Drill Blade + Tyrant Murderer’s Dagger Handle

This is a high DPS weapon combo that focuses on critical hits, and thus it relies on solely increasing the critical hit rate. We also suggest using the Assassin’s Amulet along with it as it further improves the critical hit chance. You get access to the Grind Fable Art which also increases the critical hit chance, as well as Quick Stab.

5. Electric Coil Stick Head + Booster Glaive Handle

The Electric Coil Stick and Booster Glaive combination of weapons is a great pick for early game. You get an elemental weapon that deals Electric damage and has the long range of the Booster Glaive’s handle. The Generate Fable Art makes it one of the best weapons in Lies of P against puppets. Sadly this would mean that you’d need to change the head when dealing with an enemy that’s resistant to it, like Humans. Luckily, the handle’s Fable Art Patient Slash is still strong enough to knock anyone out.

One great thing about the Electric Coil Stick Head and Booster Glaive handle weapon combo is that its charged attack is helpful in dealing with ranged enemies. Performing a charged attack allows you to quickly close the gap and hit enemies that might be outside normal melee range. This weapon is smaller in size, so it’s a good compromise if you wanted something to deal with the range but didn’t want the entire telephone pole like in our previous build.

6. Live Puppet’s Axe Blade + Puppet’s Saber Handle

This Live Puppet’s Axe and Puppet’s Saber weapon combo has insane damage but quite possibly the highest Damage Reduction Rate when guarding by 78% in Lies of P. Its Fable Art Concentrate and Killer Attack further improve the damage you can deal. This weapon combo is also a great use for those who can’t parry easily.

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