How To Get Rise of P Ending In Lies of P

Rise of P is the true ending of Lies of P and unlocking it requires specific steps to take.

Like the games it takes inspiration from, Lies of P also offers players multiple endings to their journey. Depending on your choices throughout the game, you can unlock different Lies of P endings which can be classified as good or bad. One of those endings, Rise of P ending in Lies of P can be considered the true ending of the game.

Lies of P Rise of P ending explained

The Rise of P ending is basically a “lie” run of the game. This means that you have to lie at every instance in the game to gain humanity. The Rise of P ending concludes the story by giving a sad farewell to both P and Sophia. Since Sophia must die to achieve this ending, P (or Carlo) sacrifices his life and transfers his spirit to Sophia. Ultimately they both end up reuniting in the “afterlife” as ergo as evident by the graves near Alidoro at the end.

The main prerequisite you must actively work for throughout Lies of P to get Rise of P ending is reaching a certain level of humanity, as well as performing some specific tasks throughout the story. Each time you perform the relevant actions, you will notice a prompt pop-up, indicating P slowly gaining humanity.

There are 4 levels of humanity and you can easily find out which level you are at by looking at the messages in the game

Level 1: Your Springs Are Reacting.

Level 2: The Ergo Is Whispering.


Level 3: You Feel Warmth.

Level 4: Your Heart is Pounding (Only becomes apparent after talking to Sophia in Ascension Bridge with high enough humanity prior)

How to unlock Lies of P Rise of P ending

As mentioned before, you need to lie at every possible point in the game to get the Rise of P ending. On top of that, there are certain decisions you need to make in the game which we will go over in detail in a bit. However, first, we will start with the instances where you can lie to gain Humanity which is required to unlock Rise of P ending.

  • At the end of the Weeping Lady side quest in Elysion Boulevard, tell the old lady ‘She’s a cute baby’ after handing over the doll at the end of the quest.
  • Perform the Stalker’s Greeting for The Atoned when prompted near the cable car which leads from lower Moonlight Town to the Path of Misery.
  • Tell Alidoro in St Frangelico Chapel to go to Venigni Works.
  • Tell Alidoro now in Venigni Works to go to Elysion Boulevard.
  • Tell Julian the Gentleman ‘I saw the message she left, saying she loves you’.
  • Tell Antonia ‘Of course’ when she asks if she is still beautiful.
  • 7: Choose to ‘Show the Wedding Ring’ when Polendina asks if it’s possible for a human and puppet to fall in love. You get this by lying to Julian the Gentleman previously.
  • Tell Simon Manus, ‘Hope for a cure’ when he asks you what they are making
  • When Eugenie asks if the gloves made Alidoro happy, tell her ‘He was happy’.
  • When Belle asks about her partner, tell her ‘He was killed in action fighting a puppet’.
  • When Venigni asks What, or “who”, was behind the Frenzy, answer ‘I couldn’t hear’.
  • When speaking to Arlecchino in the Arche Abey, when he asks you what you are, answer ‘Human’.
  • When Geppetto asks you if he was a trustworthy father to you, answer No.
  • When Simon Manus asks what you did to Sophia, answer ‘I liberated her from Arche Abbey

Apart from these choices, you can also gain humanity through a number of other ways like completely listening to records at Hotel Krat. Below we will go over some other important steps or decisions you need to make to get the Rise of P ending in Lies of P.

Get Portrait of a Boy

This is a necessary step in obtaining the ending. Simply progress through the Malum District and defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood. After doing so, go into the Town Hall and enter the room to the left of the staircase as soon as you enter. Interact with it to pick it up and bring it back to Geppetto in Hotel Krat.

Set Sophia Free

As you progress the game and make your way to Ascension Bridge, you will face off against Laxasia the Complete. Defeat her and keep progressing until you open a big door at which point a small cutscene will play and you will see Sophia bound to a chair.

Speak to Sophia and when the choice presents itself, choose to ‘Give her peace’. This is a crucial point in determining whether you are on track to achieving the Rise of P ending. If your humanity was high enough, then your hair will turn greyish after this exchange, indicating you are right on track for this ending.

Defeat Simon Manus, Arm of God

The penultimate step in Lies of P to achieving the Rise of P ending. Simon can be quite a challenge but keep the various nuances of his moves in mind and edge your way to victory. Once you defeat him and speak to him, he will warn you to be wary of Geppetto. This will be our clue to the final step of the ending. Ride the elevator in the middle of the arena to reach the final step to achieve this ending.

Refuse to give your heart to Geppeto

Now at the bottom, you will find Geppeto standing alone in the middle of the wide arena ahead. Go up to him and talk, after a while he will ask you to give up your heart to him. For the sake of the Rise of P ending, you must refuse to give your heart, at which point Geppetto will express his disappointment and you will begin a battle against the true final boss of the game, the Nameless Puppet. Defeat the Puppet and when the credits roll, you will have achieved the Lies of P Rise of P ending

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