Understanding The Lie System In Lies of P

Lying is not just a gimmick in Lies of P and the lie system actually plays a huge part in how your story ends.

Lies of P, being inspired by the world of Pinnochio, makes lying a vital part of the gameplay experience. While there are only a handful of opportunities where you have the option to openly lie in Lies of P, all of them hold weight in how the game plays out. Why is lying an integral part of Lies of P might seem confusing, so let us look at how lying works in Lies of P and how the game is changed based on your lies.

How does the Lies of P lie system work?

The very first time you experience the lying mechanic in Lies of P is when you try to enter Hotel Krat. While Sophia tells you that you should lie, the choice is up to you whether you gain entry by lying or telling the truth about who you are.

For those who are not familiar with Pinocchio’s story, or are a bit hazy on the details of a story they heard as a kid, Pinocchio was a wooden puppet blessed with life by a fairy, but whenever Pinocchio lied, his nose grew. As a result, Pinocchio couldn’t openly lie.

In Lies of P, which borrows its base story from that same Pinocchio, lying is supposed to be something that your character in Lies of P, Pinocchio shouldn’t be able to do openly because of certain laws that have been “coded” into puppets. The game hints at the point that the only difference between humans and puppets is that humans are capable of lying.

This lack of honesty is something that shouldn’t be possible since your character in the game is a puppet, but your creator, Geppetto, somehow programmed you so that you are able to lie whenever you want. This is a slight nod to how your character, Pinocchio is actually close to becoming an actual human.

Other than this deep insight and message, the lie system in Lies of P also allows you to choose different endings for the game. Lying allows you to choose between the good and the bad endings of Lies of P. The more lies you tell, the closer you get to becoming a human. If you choose to lie at every given opportunity, you will get the good ending for Lies of P, and if you decide to stay honest, telling the truth like a good puppet, you will get the bad ending for Lies of P.


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