Lies of P Portrait of A Boy Side Quest Guide

As a nod to the original Pinocchio, Portrait of a Boy in Lies of P grows a wooden nose.

One of the first major quests players can find in Lies of P is the Portrait of a Boy quest. The quest, although quite cryptic, is one of the major quests in Lies of P, and also directly ties in with the main story of the game and the reason for your character’s creation. However, that is a story for another time, this guide will cover how can players complete the Portrait of a Boy quest in Lies of P.

How to get Portrait of a Boy in Lies of P

The Portrait of a Boy quest in Lies of P can be started after you find the Portrait of a Boy. The Portrait can be found in Chapter 5 of Lies of P, in Malum District. In Malum District Town Hall, you need to defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood as the main boss of the area, and you can explore the Headquarters of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.

Inside the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Headquarters, head left into the first door to your left, leading into an old Library. Here, players can find a portrait of a boy in a uniform, and the boy looks eerily similar to your character. Even Gemini will comment on this portrait, so you know it is something special. You can interact with the painting and with the painting, wrap back to Hotel Krat, and talk to Geppetto.

Geppetto doesn’t really tell you a lot about the portrait. All he does is hang the portrait in his office back at Hotel Krat and you get the clap gesture. What to do with the painting after you hand it over to Geppetto gets a little blurry. The Portrait of a Boy quest in Lies of P will span for the remainder of the game from here on. In the end, you will get the Golden Lie weapon but how to do this is not clear.

How to get the Golden Lie weapon

The end reward for the Lies of P Portrait of a Boy quest is the Golden Lie weapon that you get from the portrait itself. Although you cannot interact with the portrait for now, you notice changes after you tell your first lie after getting the painting.

The boy in the painting starts growing a wooden nose as you start lying. Keep lying in every interaction you get and the wooden nose on the portrait keeps on growing. This is a great way to check how much Humanity you have gained in the game. Furthermore, you also need to collect all the gramophone records in Lies of P to complete the quest.


End the game, but avoid starting New Game +. You need to complete this one single quest before you start New Game +. After you are done with the last boss and cutscene of Lies of P, you need to head back to Hotel Krat and play all the gramophone records. Keep in mind that this does not mean all the records you have, but all the records in the game.

After you have played the records, head into Geppetto’s office and you will see that the long wooden nose on the portrait is now glowing. At this point interact with the long nose and you will get the reward for the Lies of P Portrait of a Boy quest which is the Golden Lie weapon.

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