Lies of P Moonlight Town Walkthrough

After clearing the Venigni Works of the puppet menace, it is now time to head to Moonlight Town in Lies of P

Once you’ve defeated Fuoco in Venigni Works in Lies of P, move straight ahead from the boss’s room until you reach a ladder that will lead you to a small narrow path. You are now ready to enter the Center of Venigni Works, the area known as Moonlight Town in Lies of P.

Just like Venigni Works, the Lies of P Moonlight Town is also filled with plenty of loot and collectibles to find before you can go on and tackle the boss, The Atoned.

How to complete Lies of P Moonlight Town

As you enter the Center of Venigni Works, make your way past the Stargazer and follow the path till you reach a grassy open area. A bit ahead, you will find a puppet at rest, and a shambling puppet. Behind where one of the puppets rests, you can obtain a Radiant Ergo Fragment. Avoid the enemies along the way and make your way into the mine.

Crossing the mines

You will find a stationary minecart with an explosive barrel nearby, as well as a small ambush hidden behind a wheelbarrow to the right of the minecart. Walk close but immediately pull back after instigating the Pitchfork Puppet’s charge as he will trigger the explosive barrel. Kill the ambushers and pick up Gemini’s Steel Protection from the minecart.

As the narrow mine opens, take a right and follow the path to an isolated platform. Kill the puppet here and pick up the nearby Dim Ergo Fragment. There’s a small bridge next to an exploding barrel in front of you. Cross it and kill the Grenade Puppet on the opposite end of the bridge.

Take a turn left and break the box to find a Special Purification Ampoule on the ground. Then turn around and take the ladder up where you will face a Grenade, Servant, and Pitchfork Puppet. Kill them all and open the chest to acquire the Big Pipe Wrench Head and Big Pipe Wrench Handle for your weapon arsenal.


Now go down the ladder and drop down from the bridge. Adjust your sight to the open area behind you with all the puppet mobs and explosive barrels. Kill the puppets and next to one of the exploding barrels you can pick up a Hidden Moonstone.

Now turn around and walk straight. You will find a glowing item on the path to the left of the open pathway. Pick it up to receive a Vivid Ergo Fragment but be ready to dodge since a Pitchfork Puppet will burst through the planks. Kill the puppet and go into the pathway he broke out of, where you can obtain a Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Lies of P Venigni Works mines

Exit the path and take the narrow path to the right. Beware since a Slag puppet will roam there. Its attacks are slow and telegraphed, just remember to move sideways if you staggered it from behind since it releases molten discharge behind that can damage you. Killing it will grant you the Carrier’s Amulet, which boosts your weight limit. Keep moving forward now until you find yourself at the Moonlight Town Stargazer.

Entering Moonlight Town

Activate the Moonlight Town Stargazer and shortly after Gemini will pass a comment on whether the puppets are responsible for the sight of this massacre. Now, book it to the building on the left. Beware since at the corner, a Pitchfork Puppet will be lying in ambush. Kill it and progress further into the building until you find a noticeable hole in the wall.

Go through the hole and walk along the cliffside until you find an Attribute Resistance Ampoule. Backtrack and take the route out of the building. Moving forward you’ll find a puppet pair, a grenade spammer on the roof, and a regular worker puppet walking near the well.

Lies of P Moonlight Town Walkthrough

As you move closer, beware since one puppet will burst out of the shed on the right, while two other puppets will burst out of the left wing of the house the grenade puppet stands on. You can walk around the building to the right end and find a ramp that will take you to the roof to dispose of the grenade puppet.

Once the enemies are dead, enter the house to loot a Thermite. The well nearby also contains a Saw Blade.

As you try to cross the bridge, it will break and you will fall down. The place where you landed will have a Resplendent Ergo Fragment near it. Make sure to pick it up and then turn to the other side and follow the path of the explosive barrels nearby.

Keep walking till you notice your surroundings turn red, indicating the presence of a dimensional butterfly. Keep walking straight and two dimensional butterflies will spawn, who drop a Crescent Moonstone. After killing them, enter the open crypt at the end of the path you were following. Turn left to find the Moonlight Town Guide placed on a Tombstone.

After leaving the tomb, scale the left slope and climb the ladder so you end up in the next section of the town. The left hut will house a Pitchfork and a Worker Puppet so kill them and continue straight on the path. This time, you will find a big warehouse of sorts to the left and two Grenade Puppets inside.

Be careful going in to kill them as 3 Pitchfork Puppets and a separate Worker Puppet will ambush you while you’re engaged. After defeating all hostiles, you can open the chest in peace and receive the Workshop Union Standard Corrosion Resistance Converter for your troubles.

Directly opposite the chest, you’ll find a Star Fragment lying on the ground before a broken wall. Walking through the opening, you will obtain another Saw Blade throwing weapon as well as a lever that will lower the gate next to you, allowing you to get out.

Lies of P Moonlight Town Walkthrough

Leave the building and head straight past a short flight of stairs. There will be a collection of graves to the left of the path up ahead, so take a quick detour and pick up a Dim Ergo Fragment from there. Back to the main path, follow it until eventually you find a cable car and a boss, The Atoned, standing next to it.

Lies of P Moonlight Town Walkthrough

Normally this will be a boss fight but if you killed the Survivor in Venigni Works, you will have obtained the Stalker’s Promise gesture, which will initiate a Lie Scenario instead. The Atoned will ask you if you are a Stalker.

If you choose to Lie by performing the Stalker’s Promise, The Atoned will give you the Cable Railway Key and let you through. If you choose to do Nothing, the Atoned will turn hostile and initiate a battle.

How to defeat The Atoned in Moonlight Town

Much like the Survivor encounter, there are not too many things going on with this fight. Beware of The Atoned’s open arm as it applies the decay ailment and stick to dodging and letting her hang herself instead of brute forcing and trading blows with her.

You want to keep an eye out for her unblockable attack as this is a chance for great retaliation once you do a perfect parry. Keep circling around her and when she uses the unblockable move, parry it and follow up with a heavy attack to trigger a stagger and a Fatal attack.

Whether you fight The Atoned or lie your way to get past it, simply board the cable car after the encounter to leave Lies of P Moonlight Town. Enjoy a moment of respite as Gemini takes on the role of conductor and you both make your way to Path of Misery.

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