Diablo Immortal Tips

Players enjoy Diablo Immortal a lot, so we decided why we don’t double this joy for you. We have put together a Diablo Immortal tips and tricks guide for you where we properly explain the game’s different mechanics so you can get the most out of your sessions. Following our Diablo Immortal tips guide, you can level up easily and efficiently, so without further ado, let’s start.

Diablo Immortal Tips

Choosing a Class

While playing Diablo Immortal, the first thing you go through is choosing a class. However, you are free to do experiments while picking a class, but we recommend you go with Wizard, Crusader, or Barbarian.

These classes work well for you, even if you play Diablo immortal for the first time. Even if the pick doesn’t work for you, you can choose other classes since, in Diablo Immortal, you are given 5 character slots. If you are having difficulty in choosing the best class, read our Class Tier List.

Combine Skills

While playing with a Diablo Immortal class, try to combine its skills. Combining skills can double the amount of damage you deal with the enemies.

For example, suppose you are using Disintegrate beam attack right after using the Ice Crystal. In that case, it will make the beam throw fire in different directions and deal damage to multiple enemies.

You can go to the Skill section in the menu to figure out how these skills work together and test different skills to see what output you can get.

Pick Up Red Health Orbs

You will see red health orbs on the ground after defeating some enemy or during the boss fight.

You should pick up those orbs as soon as you see them because there is no cooldown time associated with picking red health orbs in Diablo immortal. It is better to pick them up instead of using the health potion as it has a cooldown time.

Scrap Gears

After swapping the gears which best fit your current build, you should scrap all other gears in your inventory.

You will get many useful resources after scrapping the gears that can be used for upgrading different gears in Diablo Immortal. Select the services option at the Blacksmith shop for scrapping the gears.

Do Side Activities

You should also take some time to do side activities in the Diablo Immortal. Explore different paths to find gold and treasure chests. You should complete daily bounties regularly to get extra experience points.

Collect Daily Rewards

If you play Diablo Immortal regularly, you should also collect the daily rewards. Multiple daily rewards will be available for you to claim on daily bases.

You can also get some very important stuff that you usually get for taking out some monster in Diablo Immortal. Other than that, you can also collect one free Crest daily. You need Crests to take on more Rifts, so you should also pick them.

Join a Warband

You can get extra rewards for playing Diablo immortal in Warband. You can complete group tasks to earn extra rewards. You can also share a stash with Warband members from where you can deposit and take items as per your needs.

This feature is unlocked after reaching a certain point in the game, and you should use it as it becomes available.

Turn Auto Pick-Up On

You should turn on the auto pick-up feature in Diablo Immortal because even if you don’t need an item, you can still scrap it for upgrading your gears in Diablo Immortal.

You have to go to the game settings and turn on this feature to turn this on.

Upgrade Gears When You Can

You should upgrade your gears whenever you can as it is not an issue. Even if you swap the gear, the upgrades will be carried forward because of the free rank transfer feature of Diablo Immortal.

Not just that, upgrading gear improves their stats and boosts the power, so you should take full advantage of this feature,

Do Multiple Things for Leveling Up Quickly

You need XP for leveling up, which you can get by completing the main objectives. But the most efficient way of leveling up is doing different battle pass activities, completing bounties that can give your extra XP, and completing side quests.

You can also combine it with other activities like dungeons and hidden lairs that you can discover in the game world. You should do all these activities, so you don’t fall short of XP in the end.

However, the most efficient way of earning XP is to level up battle pass by completing battle pass activities.

The other thing you can do to boost the XP is don’t collect your battle pass rewards immediately. When the game tells you to level up more to continue the main story, you can use them.

Wait for Essence Transfer Feature

You should save up your legendaries for the later part of the game when you get the Essence Transfer. This will allow you to extract the legendary items for legendary power.

You can use also replace this power with some other legendary you have. This feature will help you collect a wide range of powers if you have legendaries.

Gamble for Jewelry

When you get the Essence Transfer feature, you can gamble jewelry in Rakis Plaza. This will allow you to fill your empty jewelry spot and get a power boost. You should gamble on jewelry as soon as possible by spending the gold because it is worth trying.

Get the Helliguary

Helliquary is a really important feature in Diablo immortal that allows you to earn Scoria by completing different daily quests. You should work on upgrading this facility as soon as you get it.

You will get the first Scoria right after the death of Herald Pyl that you have to use for upgrading the Helliquary. The level of your Helliquary determines the level of combat rating items you will earn from it, so level it up as much as you can.

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